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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why did I do it?

This is the Perfect Follow up for the one I posted just before this a few minutes ago....
Read it and you will agree.

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 8th 2010


why did I do it?
Why did I do it?  

Why Did I Do IT?

 I have no idea what came over me.

I moved a paper clip, that's what started it.

Then a jar (what was I going to use that for?),

followed by a can,

then some papers that were in the way (Done that, and that, oops can't forget that one, keep it, Done that).

I Really don't know why I did it.

A coffee cup from last night,

an old deck of cards,

my Diablo II expansion set CD (I wondered where that was!),

the book about Sun-tzu (I never finished).

I still have no clue as to the whys or the wherefores I did what I did.

My bottle of aspirin,

My Father's Day presents - (you know those music CDs I told you all about),

some loose change, (6 quarters, 3 dimes, 8 nickles, and 17 pennies DAMN I am rich and didn't know it),

old business cards, (I definitely didn't need anymore),

Some day I will figure out why I did it.

move this cable over here,

that cable over there,

this will go there,

that there,

I am getting there just wait and see.

this notepad here,

that one has a magnet so it can go........... there,

my old old dictionary (it is actually older than me) has got to stay,

my golf bag pencil holder stays as well,

Holy Rat Snot in a Jar!!!!

That's Why I DID IT..........

I've got a clean desk!

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