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Sunday, July 19, 2015

What to DO?

OK, Everything that is "Alluded" to/too is Now on this site but up to you to find Them....
The Titles may clue you in when you get there but then again you may have an adventure finding one.
As for the Rest it all still fits - College Football is just around the corner and Women's World Cup just finished so it Fits....
and there is a hint in what I just wrote

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 25th 2010
Well, I was going to write a Poem today.
I got it all written and ready to type.  I re-read it and when done.....  Oh, God what a failure that was! 
I did that......?  Ugh!

I sat and thought about what to write, what would be good for today?
I thought I had it and was going to make a farce of a fairy tale.  My Youngest did one about Jack and Jill, and she did a fantastic job.  I mean Awesome job!  So, if she can do it, Dad can do it.  Right?


Thinking a little longer I thought about how I could draw a comparison about how several of the fairy tales and Aesop's Fables all roll around Threes. 
The Three Bears, The Billy Goats Gruff, The Three little Pigs, etc..... etc.......

That wouldn't work because then what do I do with The Ugly Duckling, The Pied Piper, Old Mother Hubbard, and on and on. 

For some reason things do not want to fall into place.

I can't find the piece that fits today's puzzle.
I am stuck in the dark with no light to guide my path.
I have jumped a wall and lost my balance.
I cleaned my desk and lost my mind.
                          (all references to previous post *Hint* if you haven't read you might try 'em.)

Hmmmmm........  College Football to watch...Nope, to early, still have a little more than a month to go.
My Rangers?  No, that game isn't until later tonight.
I know Soccer (only interested during World Cup time).  Damn, World Cup is already over!

If I can't think of something soon I am going to get desperate.
If I get desperate I don't know what I will do. 
It could be anything........ and "Anything" is scary!
          I shudder at the thought!

I have to do something so that I look busy.

Something has to come to mind.

Just a minute.
I have to look like I am typing and really, really involved in what I am doing and focused because She has just come into the room.

Damn, She is reading over my shoulder as I type.

Gig is UP!

Now I have to close as I am needed for assistance CLEANING the HOUSE.

Will be back later, I hope, if She doesn't find something else for me to DO!


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