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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An Idea, A " Hunt " and an Ultra Cheezy Prize

Hello Readers,

This is New, Fresh material for Anything at Anytime.... Again, it will not be found written on the Old site.  When I started this site up back at the tail end of May, One of my thoughts was to make this an Interactive site. 

Bare with me and let me Explain....

I wanted to be able to Offer you the Reader(s) the chance from time to time to go Beyond Just My Site and see a few other Blogs or News Sites or twitter or ANY kind of medium that I can find that you could access Via your Computer (at NO Cost to you... aka FREE sites) and "Hunt" around.

If I had Money to spend, Maybe offer a prize or two, to (or is it "too", I Always mix those two up) the first to Find the "Answer or End" to/too (lol) my question or goal.
At this time I can NOT afford prizes and do NOT have a "Sponsor" to give me "Products/Prizes" to Offer, All I can do at this time is a "Heartfelt" "Thank You" and "Yes you got it Right", and a Shout Out on Twitter mentioning your Name (if you like, if not I won't).

That being Said.... I will Still Keep this an AD Free site as LONG as possible...!!!!!
Any "Sponsor(s)" Will Have to REALIZE I will NOT put Links Directly to their site (A Picture, description of Product, Who makes it, etc... BUT NO DIRECT ADVERTISING).

People that want the Product or are Interested will have enough info with the Picture, Description, and the Who to pull it up on any Search Engine and Purchase on their Own without ME "Making" them.  They the Potential "Sponsor(s)" would have to ship Directly to the "Winner(s)" at No Cost to me or the "Winner(s)"!!!!!

Personally I have a Couple in mind off the Top of My Head that I would Like to be the First Sponsor(s) in no specific order.... One is an Author I follow and will "Pitch" my idea to him personally, he may not be interested but He has been Kind and Friendly to me in our Chats so I will afford him the opportunity if he would like... If not He is still Cool and Friendly and No "Bones" by me... Especially because he likes to comment about DRAGONS....  :)

Oh, is it too/to Obvious that I LIKE me some DRAGONS????
(No, I don't have a Page here Dedicated to DRAGONS do I?)

The Other One I have in mind.... Well, I am Invested in them and Have Stock in the Company. 
No, I am NOT a MAJOR Shareholder... my measly +/- 2K shares (is but a Fraction of a Fractions Fractions Fraction..... Yep that little.... but I will buy more as I can with what little I gots)...
That Company is Totally Hemp Crazy (stock symbol: THCZ) they Have a Drink Line "Rocky Mountain High": Energy, Lemonade, Iced Tea (see Picture on the side - That was the first can I drank... In my Opinion... GOOD!!!  Nice out of the can but better Poured over Ice (whole ice, not crushed... Like you would a Scotch on the Rocks) in a Tall Glass Glass), Lime Coconut and "rumored" (not out yet) to be bringing out a Mango... as well as other things available...
I Would LOVE to have them Offer a Case (12 cans to a Case) of the "Winner(s)'s" choice...
It would be a Win/Win...

1. They would get additional exposure to others that are not aware of their products.

2. It would be Relatively Inexpensive (Value of a Case or # of Cases, shipping and a blurp on Facebook and Twitter that a Contest was taking place on (you guessed it) Anything at Anytime.... Again.

3. I imagine there is a way that they would be able to write that off as Advertising Expense or something like that.

4. For me... it would be (Hopefully) added exposure, more Followers (here and on G+ and Twitter (because every Post gets a blip or two on Twitter and G+) leading to Comments and helping me explore new ideas for writing from comments.....

5.  For them.... Depending upon where the "Winner(s)" are from... it could give them Exposure in areas they have not expanded to yet and maybe create some (a few) online orders or a demand to expand into a new Region... Like OUT Here in El Paso... (Hint, Hint) (wink, wink) (nudge, nudge).

That is Probably "Wishful Thinking" on my behalf...

Anyway, back to how I want to make this Interactive / a "Hunt"...

I will write my Post for the Day and may ask you to go Look "Something" "Anything" Up... It may involve Looking at a few sites.... I will put clues out to what you are looking for and the Follow ups that make you go to other sites "From" a link on those sites....
Some will be easy... like what I have Planned for today... and Depending upon what the "Prize" is it may require a bit of Reading and Searching to Find the "Answer(s)" that lead you to "The Answer".

All of My Links/Hints/Starting points will Open in another Window so you can keep my page open and refer back to it so you don't have to backtrack/reload/loose your place... etc.

Oh, and Sometimes I Might just send you Hunting DRAGONS....

Also, as I have Stated in a Previous Post on here.... Anything written or On this site at Anytime is.... Again, FAIR Game for any Future "Hunts"


If you have Read this far and are Intrigued and Interested....

The Very First (1st) HUNT

It is Simple.... I will Give you ALL You need to Answer the question and it will be Minor Hunting...
You will need to go where directed via the link, Look, Read, and Find/Scan as this is really simple but... Again it is the First One... so it should be Easy.
Then you will have to come back Here... to this Post and COMMENT... With the "Answer" (in this case just One Answer is needed)
You can NOT!!!! Answer on the Old Site, as I NO longer have access to it... 
You MUST come back here and Answer in the Comments....
and I will NOT Accept the Answer on Twitter (even if I do send you to my Twitter to "Find" The "Answer" or an "Answer"

1.  Go to the OLD site -- Anything at Anytime....(Link) (take a little time and look around there when you have the chance and if you find something you like that isn't here... let me know HERE and I will get it here or start something Similar Here...)

These next two steps require Some Scrolling down

2.  Look for "Generalities" (hint - on the ___?___ not the left)

3.  under "Generalities" find "Family" click on it....

4.  Scan the page and Find the Picture that My Profile Picture Came From....

to make it easy so you don't have to go back to the top of the page... lol
here is my Profile Pic...

5.  Now, the Question and Answer to this Hunt is in That Picture

What is in the Background Looking Over a Shoulder?

Simple enough -- and as it is Simple... the Prize is just as Simple:

1.  A shout out on Twitter (Again, If you would like that, if Not I won't)


2.  A Mention in the Next "New" Material Post Here.... (as I will be still adding more from the Old site so those will Not get the Mention....)

I Hope you enjoy this simple Hunt...
Suggestions and Ideas????
Let me know I would like to Make this a Regular thing...
I wont do them all the time, but as often as I can think one up...

Hope to Hear back from Someone...

Also - Immediate Family --- Wife, Kids, Grandmas and Grandpas can NOT and WILL NOT be Winners -- In Extreme NEED they may leave Comments that become/are "Hints" but you would have to figure out who is who....

Writ by me today


Monday, July 20, 2015

Another Letter From Thomas

The Second Letter in the Series
If you haven't read the first letter
A Letter in the Mail/Post

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
Sept. 15th 2010
Anything at Anytime Readers I/we received another letter from my Friend, Thomas Dumbass Snotbottom.


Sorry it has been awhile since I wrote.  The day after I wrote last we started our travels and got to a place called Prum Germany via the trucks and roads.  If I remember correctly you said you lived there when you were a kid.  Nice small town and it has a very Friendly Barmaid downtown.

Anyway, from there we went a foot and traveled around for a couple of weeks.  We found several places that looked as if they may have been the residence of other smaller Dragons in the past and we found some very interesting things.  When we get a chance I will show you and we can talk about all of it.  So far it is turning out to be an interesting Search.

We did find one Cave system that used to be His!  Oh, Did I tell you in the last letter it was a Male Dragon? or Even mention his Name?  Well, it is a Male Dragon and when he was last written about Men were Calling him "Frozen HELL".  The Cave looks to have been used within the last 50 years.  There are some clues in the things left here that He comes back on a regular basis here and that he also has three other sites we may find him at.

So, as of right now I have not found what we are looking for but will keep you informed as I can.  We are headed now to the Arctic / Greenland region.  Apparently, He isn't going to make this easy for us, but then again We (you and I always loved those challenges).  

Wish me Luck
Hope to see you Soon

Your Dragon Friend and Compatriot

Thomas Dumbass Snotbottom

Well, I told you all that as I heard from him I would let you all know and it looks as if it is going to be one Hell of an Adventure for my Friend (No Pun intended).

If any of you have any ideas on what types of things I should send Thomas in an Adventurer's care package please let me know.  

It Starts with ONE!

Again, this is a post that works as well Now with this blog as it did back when I originally wrote it for the Old site.
The Numbers don't match - but as a quick example: I mention 25-30 visits a day -- Yesterday I posted Several items and Damned if I didn't See 204 page views from 1pm my time to about 9pm.  I can account for 15 of those between myself and my Wife... so that leaves 189 -- and NOT a SINGLE Comment (other than my Wife on The Perfect Cup of Coffee and Rose Dragon).
Someone Had to have had an Opinion?
I can't get better and give You as Readers things you might find interesting if there is no discussion or comments....
So Please Feel Free to let me know what you think... Just Follow the Rules.
Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully Enjoy.

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
Aug. 2nd 2010
No matter what it is, it must have a start.

The start could be a first person to do something.  A thought, an action, a reaction; first there is one and then another and another.  Before you know it, something has begun to take on a life of its own.

Take for example this blog - Anything at Anytime.
Anything at Anytime started on May 23rd 2010 with me.  My lonesome, single self (family: wife and kids don't count).  Talking, chatting, being active with others and a little over two months later and I have 63 Public Followers, plus a few via networked blogs and, the surprising one to me, I have 75 following with feed burner (RSS Feeds).  I know several of those are from the regular and networked followers, but if my figures are right, I have around 110 different followers.  Two Months ago 10 followers would have been big.

One person having an idea, a thought, sharing that thought or idea with others and those others share with others.  Some "bump" into it by accident but the idea or thought sticks, and they share it.  Before you know it, it starts to grow.  Sometimes the idea or thought grows quickly and other times slowly.

Personally, I like it when they have a quick start to jump start it and give it legs, then slowdown to let everything "fill out" and catch up.
Anything at Anytime is taking that route.
Where does it go from here?  Only we can tell.  Yes, WE - I write, you read and then comment to open discussion.  Maybe I put up a Post you really like or are Passionate about.  Make your Comments. Pass it on to People you think would have an interest in it.  Encourage them to comment.

We, You and I, do not know what comments might elicit a response or a moment of learning or reflection.  We could all pick something up out of others experiences.

I know the traffic is here.  I know you all comeback to see what is new and where I have "Gone" with my Posts.  Currently Anything at Anytime sees roughly 25 - 30 visits a day (some days more and some days less).
Comment, let me know some things you would like to see discussed or ideas you want me to try and get discussions going.  The more participation, the more We ALL get out of this.

It ALL starts with One!  IT Grows with MANY!

What, Why and Where?

A thought provoking Post
Make you think and consider things you have read

Writ by me today

added today July 19th 2015

Written on Old site
July 30th 2010


Anything at Anytime: ponder that for a moment, think over those three words.
Wonder where I came up with them?
Maybe this might help a little bit and it might give you an Idea why I write Anything at Anytime.

Many sometimes, I wonder where life is taking me, is taking us?

Have you ever wondered why things happen?  Thought about what got us where we are?

I guess that is one of the all time questions: "Why?  What got us here and Where is it taking US (Me)?

I am not going to involve God or a Superior being or anything like that into this discussion although I personally feel God plays a major roll in all things.  This is about What and Why and Wheres of Us.

The What and Whys I think I have figured out.
What got us here, where we are today is us.  The nature in people is to find new things most of which are intended to make life better as a whole.  The persistent desire to explore different and possibly better things.
Sometimes it works against us.  That is how we learn and move on to the next step and find that certain answer that makes it all fit together.  What got us to where we are today is the fact that some people figured out certain things that fulfilled the next logical step.

Somebody got with somebody and said: "Look what I have found/discovered.  Isn't it Great?!?"
The other(s) liked and......... BANG....... it Grows on the world.  More and more people do it, use it, read it or just in general accept it.  A couple Examples you ask?  Of course.
Airplanes - started out as something for fun and experimentation.  Today, we have thousands if not millions traveling daily, great distances that can be measured in minutes and would have taken months if not years.
Cell Phones - upgrade from phones - but a device allowing communication over vast distances in seconds where as a letter of old would take days, weeks and months; if not longer.
Cars - same things apply here distance and time.
Television/cable/satellite - Things that have "improved" life........  Hmmmmmm..... That one is still up for judgement.  Some TV is ok but give me a good book over TV any day of the week.

What got us here was the urge to Explore, to move on in a forward direction.  One step at a time, one in front of the other always going forward.  A few slips and slides when we run into obstructions.  Leaps and bounds when freed of Restraints.

The Why is simple:  It is Our Nature!

We have that urge, the need to see what is beyond the horizon.  What lies beyond the next hill?  We can't help ourselves.  We must go that next step.  Nature - Our inborn Natural instincts are to see what is there.  We can not sit still, and for those that do like to stay where they are..... Well, they just get dragged along.

There are those who do not take action but inspire action.  They are Writers (wish I could say I was one but sadly I am not).  Writers are in a sense catalyst.  They Spark the kindling that initiates the fire.  They are the Flash Point.  Writers give us Ideas and What ifs that get the movers to move.  Anything can happen when Writers put words to paper or screen.  Writers paint a picture of the future with words, We fill it in with color by action.

Where is this all taking US (Me)?

I have not the faintest clue.  I am not a fortune teller at the carnival and can not fathom even an educated guess.  We as a Whole choose what direction.  Our Actions and Inactions will determine that destination.  With where things are today,  My question is this:  What web of paintings will Writers provide us with in order for US to fill with paint?  What things can We do to make it better or take Us to that next step?

We are the answer.
Not I, Not You.

We are!

SOoooo........;  What, Why and Where are We going?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Letter in the Mail/Post

This is a Work still in progress, there are a few of these "Letters" already on the Old site and they do get LONGER (Much Longer than this one).  If you would like to get a head start reading up to where I have it, go there but know that any comments will not be posted there as I can No longer get into the Google account it is attached to.
They (the Letters) will all end up here but I would like to give a day or two between posting them as they will be a Continuing Series....
If You Do go to the other site and Read them Please Refrain from coming back here and putting "Spoilers" in the comments... a hint or two not a problem but not something to ruin it for other readers. 

This is My First Foray into Telling a Dragon Story and I was getting good responses in the Old Coffee Shop and a few comments.... I am Looking forward to getting back to this work and Bringing Life to what I think is a Unique Pseudo Current Day Dragon Tale...
Hope you all Enjoy
and Remember...
Dragons like their Ego stroked --- aka COMMENTS are GREATLY Appreciated
So be Profuse and Flowery with all you have to say to them....

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 26th 2010

Anything at Anytime, You never know what your going to get.

Yesterday I received a letter from an old friend, Thomas DumBass (pronounced Dumb Bass) Snotbottom.

Good God, I haven't heard from him in, it has to be 20+ years now.  Thomas and I became fast friends when I lived in Europe many years ago.  I had gone to a local Pub (of all places The Green Dragon) for my regular Pint or Two before calling it a night.

Halfway into my first Pint I overheard this young man (Hell, he is my age - young man my ass) talking about Dragons.  Well, I couldn't help myself.  I downed the remainder of my Pint and order two more from the Barkeep.

I took the drinks to the table this guy was at and told him I had overheard him and had a personal fascination with Dragons and asked if I could join him to talk Dragons.

From that moment on we became inseparable when we had free time, always stalking Dragons or chasing down rumors of them.
Many Adventures we had.

Anyway, Did I tell you I got a letter from him yesterday?  Duh, of course I did, that is what started this.  

It is a Fantastic Letter and If He is on to Who or What he thinks then it could change many different aspects of Science as we all know it.  I will let you Read what I got:

     My friend, I know I have neglected our friendship for many years by not writing and returning your letters.  I have gotten all of your letters over time and that is part of why I haven't contacted you.
     You got married, wish I could have been there.  I can only imagine the party afterward.  Then I got the letters telling of the birth of your Daughters, You Lucky Man!  
     For Your Daughters more than anything is why I have not been corresponding.  I know your passion is strong for what we LOVE and I NEVER wanted to tempt you away from your Family. 
     Sorry to hear of your illness.  I Truly am!  That is the Reason I  am writing you and decided to get back in touch.  I will not stand idly by when a True Friend is in Need and cares a burden upon their shoulders.  
     You know that after you left Europe, I continued to search, listen, hunt and read any and all I could about Our Passion, Dragons!  Believe me I read many books and old Tombs and learned of many New Dragons we had not heard of or known of. 
     When I got your last letter of you being sick with the Emphysema, something rang a bell in my head.  I didn't write immediately, I got your letter last Fall, as I plunged myself back into the books and Tombs.  I just knew I had seen or read something!

                         And I Found IT!!

       Dragons of old had a condition that they (the Dragons) called "Short Breath."  from my studies it seems to be very similar to Emphysema, just in Dragons.  
       Now there was No Cure; however, there was a Dragon that was said to have the powers to extend and improve the life noticeably in other Dragons inflicted with this malady.  I still think HE exist, just that HE has been in the "LONG SLEEP" for near 1300 years.  The last scrolls that mentioned him were written in 732 A.D. and all things I have found on or mentioning HIM, place 
Him somewhere in the Eiffel Mountains (not far from where you lived as a child).  
       I have arranged for an expedition to begin a search and we start out tomorrow.  I wanted to let you know your Friends here have not Forsaken You!  
       I will write more as time permits.  Now, I must pack and rest a bit before we leave tomorrow.  

                          Forever Your Dragon Friend and Compatriot,
                                                Thomas DumBass Snotbottom

If it is True - Well, I (No, We as I have now included you all) will have to wait and see what the expedition turns up.

What to DO?

OK, Everything that is "Alluded" to/too is Now on this site but up to you to find Them....
The Titles may clue you in when you get there but then again you may have an adventure finding one.
As for the Rest it all still fits - College Football is just around the corner and Women's World Cup just finished so it Fits....
and there is a hint in what I just wrote

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 25th 2010
Well, I was going to write a Poem today.
I got it all written and ready to type.  I re-read it and when done.....  Oh, God what a failure that was! 
I did that......?  Ugh!

I sat and thought about what to write, what would be good for today?
I thought I had it and was going to make a farce of a fairy tale.  My Youngest did one about Jack and Jill, and she did a fantastic job.  I mean Awesome job!  So, if she can do it, Dad can do it.  Right?


Thinking a little longer I thought about how I could draw a comparison about how several of the fairy tales and Aesop's Fables all roll around Threes. 
The Three Bears, The Billy Goats Gruff, The Three little Pigs, etc..... etc.......

That wouldn't work because then what do I do with The Ugly Duckling, The Pied Piper, Old Mother Hubbard, and on and on. 

For some reason things do not want to fall into place.

I can't find the piece that fits today's puzzle.
I am stuck in the dark with no light to guide my path.
I have jumped a wall and lost my balance.
I cleaned my desk and lost my mind.
                          (all references to previous post *Hint* if you haven't read you might try 'em.)

Hmmmmm........  College Football to watch...Nope, to early, still have a little more than a month to go.
My Rangers?  No, that game isn't until later tonight.
I know Soccer (only interested during World Cup time).  Damn, World Cup is already over!

If I can't think of something soon I am going to get desperate.
If I get desperate I don't know what I will do. 
It could be anything........ and "Anything" is scary!
          I shudder at the thought!

I have to do something so that I look busy.

Something has to come to mind.

Just a minute.
I have to look like I am typing and really, really involved in what I am doing and focused because She has just come into the room.

Damn, She is reading over my shoulder as I type.

Gig is UP!

Now I have to close as I am needed for assistance CLEANING the HOUSE.

Will be back later, I hope, if She doesn't find something else for me to DO!


Sun-tzu and Puzzles?

This is just one to think and mull over with a cup of Joe/Coffee
and if you haven't read the book mentioned it is worth a Read

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 21st 2010

I will hold True to the Title of this blog Anything at Anytime.

For you my Readers, the Reason:

It is what I call "My Puzzle Piece Writings."

Not that all of my writing fits together like a puzzle because I jump from topic to topic, from one thing to another from day to day.  In a weird way they do because they all come from me but I am the only true connection there. 

I start writing with a topic in mind, one I woke up with or found or saw.  It could be about Anything; The Captchas, The Kindle, The Last Grand Adventure, The Perfect Cup of Coffee; well, you get the idea.  anytime an idea strikes me I write about it.  At times it can be a Royal Jumbled Mess. 

I have so much crap running around in my head (Don't We all?), I must break it down and think of it all like a puzzle.  One Giant, Monstrous puzzle that I can't touch and that I have no picture to guide me.

So, I just start to write.  As the writing (pieces) comes out I start looking and seeing if that fits with this and this fits with that.  Sometimes they do.  Most times they Don't!  That's when the Puzzle Hunt Begins!

When I started this blog I knew in my core that it would be like this:
1. It is who I am!
2. It is how my life is, Jumbled and All over the place - and I know I am not the only one like this.
3. You as a Reader have already seen it in previous writings, I am all here and there and everywhere.

Hence the Title of this blog - Anything at Anytime.

Knowing myself well enough that I could not Expect (ever) to say " This is It."  I knew I Could expect of myself to do exactly as I have done so far and will continue to do. 
I like to read and read many, many types of books.  One that I have read off and on over the years is Sun-tzu's The Art of War - it may seem like it is out of place in a blog like this but truly it is a book that if read properly can apply to Every Day Life as well as to Military tacticians.  One of my favorites (paraphrased of course) is:  Knowing yourself and your enemy you will be victorious all the time, Knowing yourself and not your enemy you will sometimes be victorious.  How does this apply?  In Life if we know Who we (as individuals) are and know the situation we can always find a way to accomplish or Win (in essence Victorious), if on the other hand we know ourselves but don't know the situation we Might finish it or be Might be victorious in our endeavors. 

There are many things that Sun-tzu has in his book that can apply to everything.  Having Read and re-read the books I have on the subject, the writing has opened my eyes on how to look at things differently and to allow me to see Me, Myself, what I can do and what I can Not do. 
This enables me to just be me and know that in the end somehow, someway Anything can happen at Anytime and I will write about it as it comes to me. 
Maybe, just maybe fitting the situation to the Puzzle of my writing and I can come up with something that makes us all think, remember or even, yes, smile.

If you ever have a chance read a version of Sun-tzu's The Art of War, there are several versions out there but get one that has his writings and you break it down to how it applies to you.  Apply his writing to your daily life at home, at work, in competition.  You may be surprised about some of the things and how it might change your perception just that little bit that makes things clearer to you.

I know how it has changed my outlook on some things.
Only You will be able to tell for yourself.

The Night the Lights went out in.... El Paso?

I am looking thru all my post and figured I would skip this one for a later day and time, then I read another one I wanted to post but there is an "Allusion" and thus this must be put on today....
Read and Get a Laugh or two

Writ by me today

Written on Old Site
June 29th 2010

Last night, while I was here at the computer monitoring the blog for comments and playing in one of my Poker Stars tourneys, a monster Thunderstorm hit coming out of nowhere.  Winds in excess of 60+ mph and sounding like that dreaded "Freight Train" that you don't want to think about. 

Not that we get tornadoes here in El Paso that often, but having spent several years living in tornado country, you Know that sound.  Well, it wasn't!  Just a big bad Thunderstorm with some vicious wind. 

This was about 8 - 8:30 PM that it came through here and so I had Jackie put the TV on one of the local channels so I /We could see if there were any alerts coming out for the area.

We had all been in the living room for about a half hour and it seemed that everything was settling down and it was just going to be a good rain storm, so the girls went to their rooms to get ready for bed and........

BOOM,  a Thunder and lightning strike close to the house and that is it LIGHTS OUT!!!

The girls (all three) were shaken.  Hell, I was even shaken!  That damn thing was Close (I have been next to Bradleys firing their guns with no hearing protection and That made them sound like a whisper).  So, we are all shaken and lights out, I tell the girls to stay where they are and not to move in the dark.  Believe me when I say dark, It was Dark. 

Dark is an understatement, there wasn't even a hint of light from anything.  Off I go into the dark looking for the lighter we use on the stove.  One step, two steps, Damn!!!!! I trip on Snuggles (our dog if you haven't read an earlier story).  Luckily I catch myself with flailing arms in the kitchen doorway.  Good, I am only a couple of steps from the stove and the lighter to get something so that we can see. 

I reach over to the shelf and NOTHING....... I feel around a bit and...... nope Nothing.........  Damn, Damn, and Damn again!!!!!!

OK,  Where is the Damn Lighter!  I ask (if you can call that asking).

Three different voices and a "woof" all at the same time.
"woof" from Snuggles of course.
"I think its on the fridge"
"on the table in the kitchen" and
"maybe on the dinning room table"


One was easy to dismiss can you guess which one? 

Since I am in the kitchen I start to move to the kitchen table because it is closer to where I am and was quickest to check.  Having learned my lesson from the earlier "trip", I slide my feet across the floor slowly so I don't stumble on anything else.  Glad I learned my lesson earlier as I bumped the water and food bowls both one after the other as I move to the table. 

Feeling around on the Table Nothing again. 
Now, moving over to the fridge and feeling around on the fridge Again Nothing.  

So now I have to choose: weave my way through the mine field of the living room to get to the dining room table or head to our bedroom to get some matches on my desk?

Easy choice, I decided on the bedroom and my desk as less to worry about tripping on.  Slowly moving out of the kitchen and stepping through the doorway that leads to our bedroom. 

To LATE.......... I forgot about the step down.........

A bump and a bruise on my knee later I get to the desk and Thank God found the matches!

I strike a match and use the light to guide me back through it all back to the living room.  The match almost burns out on my finger but I shook it out before it could and pull another match to strike so that I can start looking for the candles. 

I strike the match and light it....... and .......  *wink*........ *blink*........ and the Lights Turn back on!

Dare to Dream

What can I say about this one that the title doesn't.....
Read on and Think

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 23rd 2010

Dare to Dream
Where to start?

at Anytime....... Hummppphhh...?

I guess the place to start would be when we start to dream.  For me it was when I was about eight.  That year for my birthday I received as a gift a book about space and astronauts.

My "Dream" started there and then, to this day I still dream that dream even knowing it no longer exist as a reality for me.  I have dreamt of flying in space and exploring, discovering things and worlds that "Others" could only  dream of. 

I still "Dream" that dream but have moved my reality dream, that dream that could still become reality, to something that fits with the here and the now.  A Dream that has been there but on the back burner of life and wanting that first dream so much more.  Reality tells me today that the first dream is just that now, only a dream that can not be.  The back burner Dream fits so well with my current reality.

The dream that fits today's reality is simple and so much more possible. 
This dream is one that I am doing now, have done for the last two months. 
I have dreamt that I could write.  Write something that people read.  Put to words things that would make people think about who and what we are.  Give them a work that will transport them/you to a place that allows you the freedom from today's burdens, or allows you to look at something from another perspective.

Write a book (or in this case - a blog) that would express multiple desires and dreams.  Do something to show my children that no matter what happens in your life you can keep your dreams alive as long as you keep getting up or give your best effort.  You may need to change course a few times, maybe even turn around completely and backtrack a little, but striving to achieve something, Anything that you have wanted.

Life is not always kind nor is it even easy or fair.  It will give you one thing and take another.  There is always a price. 

Sometimes we are given a choice and with that choice we know that whichever we choose the other is lost forever.  Some will regret those choices, decisions but in reality you should regret them not at all but learn and direct yourself back to the path you feel is right for yourself.

Never regret your past, contemplate over what you have done and choose to do as you are doing or to change the path you are following , but never regret! 

Regret leads to despair!
Despair is Death of Hope!
Despair is Death of the Dream!
Dreams should never Die!!!!

Dreams are Life and as long as You Dream, Life goes on even into Infinity.

So Read on..... Today, Tomorrow, or even the next day, read on and find a Dream.

Read on and Find YOUR DREAM(S)!

Rose Dragon

This Holds as True Today as the day I wrote it --- 5 years to the day Today.
We Had a Fight today and it wasn't Pretty.... That DOES NOT CHANGE how I felt then or NOW!!!
Even When I have LOST - I WIN simply Because YOU are in My LIFE -- You Never GAVE UP on Me -- I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!!!
You are a Part of Me and I am a Part of You
We Both have spilt blood for the Other

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 19th 2010

Rose Dragon

Your Thorns Hath Pierced me to the Core

My Blood Hath Stained Your Petals My True Colors

Your Stem is my Strength

Loosing Your Thorns When You Pierced Me

Your Stem,

My Strength,

Hath No Protection

As Your Thorn that Pierced My Core is In Me

A Part of Me

My Blood Hath Stained You and I Now a Part of You

I Shall Endeavor to be Your Protector

I Shall Wrap You in My Coils

Defending You to My Dying Days



By Me today 19 July 2010

Tagged? Who Me? I'm IT?!?!?!

I Brought this one over because it lets you as the reader know a little bit more about me and the way I "Think" or respond -- But Don't Get me on a Bad Day or try and be "Snotty" to me or with me... You Will NOT like what you get.....

#2 has changed a touch as Reyes (Never Earned the title of the position he held so WILL Not honor him with it here and Now) was voted out by his Party and Replaced by Someone that is actually trying to Change things for the better -- That is Congressman Beto O'Rourke - I actually got to speak to him yesterday at a Town Hall meeting.... He Listened.

#3 My communication skills with my Oldest Daughter.... So Damn Much like me in ways and I can NOT figure out how to get thru to her..... What my Father always told me surely holds True here "The Oldest is the Hardest, they are the ones you Make ALL the Mistakes with...."
Damned if He Wasn't Dead On!

#7 has changed as well,
That actually Happened this morning - again with my Wife, dealing with my Listening -- Needless to say I Lost...

All others still hold true

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 17th 2010

Anything at Anytime (or I did) got Tagged.

As I am a Neophyte blogger I understand tagging as means for other Bloggers and our readers wanting to Know a little bit more about the One(s) tagged. 

I have been blogging on this here site with anything that comes to my mind. 

Well, Amber (a friend from one of the forums I visit) has been a boon to me and to several other Neophyte bloggers and the other day she Tagged me.  If you get a chance and like to hear things Straight (no BS) check this lady and her blog out.

On to the Tagging Process:

When Tagged I was given 8 questions to answer about myself. 

1. Who is your favorite musician/band and why?  

To be honest I have multiple types I like and could call favorites for different reasons.  The phase I am going through right now has me listening to a mix; Pink Floyd, Enya, and The Eagles.  The reason behind this mixture - my daughters got me the cds for Father's Day and putting them all on the computer and fiddling around with the mix has really opened up some of my creative whatever you want to call it here at Anything at Anytime.  They were fantastic gifts at just the right time and for that - They just may take the Title Favorites.

2. What celebrity annoys you the most and why?

Boy, this one is a hard question!  I could Blast our Congressman here in El Paso Cong. Silvestre Reyes - but I don't want to make this or this site appear Political.  They (all Politicians) have royal bent us all over.

Another reason this is hard is because I firmly believe that everyone, celebrities included, deserves their own personal life without Judgement from Anyone else.  See, Celebrities have it tough in this sense: Every Single Little Thing they do is under a Media Microscope.  Imagine it is you or me Under that Microscope.  No doubt about it We are going to screw up somehow, someway.  We Can't escape it.  Just as an easy example: What happens to us, any of us, when a Cop pulls in behind us in traffic and just stays there?  He didn't like your haircut but he can't pull you over for that.  Soooooooo, He pulls in behind you and stays there until you forget a blinker to change lanes, or you slow down to much to let him pass, or you push the gas just a little more in your nervousness.  No matter what He has you. 
The Media does that to Celebrities enough, I don't need to jump on that bandwagon.

3. What has been your biggest letdown lately?

Personal letdown or Somebody let me down? 
I will go with a Personal Letdown - This is an ongoing Letdown.  Since being diagnosed with LS Emphysema and on Oxygen 24/7 I, Me, the Man of the house, the Husband, the Father, have/has not been able to provide for his/My Family.  Even with a "valid" reason it is still a Giant Pill to swallow.

4. Worse job you have ever had and why?

How about a Combination of Best and Worst Job I have had and why?
I had been Unemployed for several months and had just bought a house and was desperate for work.  Now I am a believer in Christ, Not one that prays every single day and my faith is a mixture of what I have seen over the years but I was so Desperate for work.  One night I broke down and got on my knees and prayed that God give me a Job, any Job - shoveling Shit if that was all I could get, Just give me ANYTHING.

***Careful what you pray for!

My wife called me the next day that her brother had a friend that was willing to hire me if I could be back in El Paso by 7am the next day.  Hell, I was packed and back in El Paso by 11:30 that night.  The next morning I was at the office/warehouse of A.R.C. Electric here in El Paso.  My very first job was a TEST to see if I was willing to "WORK".  I was up in the mountains digging a ditch with a pick axe and trenching shovel, Nothing but Rocks and Boulders!!!! They all figured I would quit that day.  They all figured I would Quit by the end of the week.  Not a Chance in Hell!  I asked for it, I DID IT! 
It was the worst job because I ended up being a prep man doing that kind of stuff ALL of the time.  Talk about Dead Tired!  Sore!  Just Beat to Death! 
But it was the Best Job because it put me back with my family and I ended up with a great boss.  The Owner/boss was/is a fair man and gives everyone a chance and a break.  He had no reason to take me on but he did and gave me fair starting wages and when he didn't hear me "Bitchin" about always getting the crap jobs, I received a fair raise.
So, Best and Worst.

6. Guilty pleasures? Spill.

It used to be Golf, being here in El Paso allows for Golf almost year round.  Since I get to tired to walk the course anymore...... Well, I have had to shift gears.
But A Truly guilty Pleasure is my wife and kids Coughin up the Big TV for me to Watch my NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS anytime during College Football season, which by the way is about a month and a half away!
They load me up: Sodas, chips, dip (guacamole).  Then they give me all the space to cheer, shout, hoot and holler to my hearts content. 

7. The last argument you had with someone - what was it about?

Getting my wife a new cell phone.  She didn't want to "Waste" the money on a new phone.  For some reason we went to war over that for about three days.  She got the phone but I lost the war.

8. What would be something you would NEVER do, even if someone paid you a shit ton of money?

Easy!  Kill myself.  I have way to much to live for and even on the worst days you can find a glimmer of light and hope SOMEWHERE!

There are my questions and answers to being TAGGED.

Now, I Tag you the readers of this article - Pick one of those questions above and answer it in the comments section and be Honest about it. 

Now, Your IT!

Thinking of an "Ole, Graceful Lady" - USS Sierra AD-18

Its been Many a year since we were introduced...
and Almost 27 years - She is still my one and only Love of the Sea
Would Love to have others that Served on Her Comment and leave a memory or two...
Or any Ole Salts that want to remember their "Ladies" Feel free to mention Her name and Designation...

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 14th 2010

So far Anything at Anytime has done exactly that: Anything at Anytime. 

So why would today be any different?

USS Sierra AD-18
Destroyer Tender
Motto: The Ship with the Helping Hands
Commissioned:  03/20/1944
Decommissioned:  10/15/1993

She was not the most beautiful, nor streamlined ship you ever saw, But she was Ours!
When I first met this Lady of the Sea, she was anchored in Charleston, SC. 
Man, did she Look Big to me (I would later learn She was small, but she will always be Big to me).

She was supposed to be what is referred to as "Welded to the Pier" - meaning She rarely if ever left port.
I spent 3 1/2 years on board Her and almost 3 years was at Sea.  "Welded to the Pier", My ASS!
I learned and saw many things on board that Old Lady of the Sea. 

3 Med. Cruises, 4 trips to Boston (for special repairs on the USS Constitution (and Yes, the Constitution is still a part of the Fleet)), 4 Gitmo runs, 2 Hurricanes (Hugo, and Andrew), and many, many short runs for exercises and training. 

I got my first tattoo while on board when we visited Palma Mallorca (sp) Spain.  My first bar brawl in Naples Italy.  Made Friends with many locals of all the ports we visited.  Tried my first squid (no pun intended) pizza in Greece.  Real Gyros there also with fresh Lambs meat (actually was present for the preparation if you know what I mean - so I know it was Lambs meat).

Standing crazy watches in the engine room so that at times you could literally go days without ever seeing the Sun.  Sometimes, when out at Sea and standing those watches, I would go out at the end of a watch in the pitch dark (so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of your face when under cover) and lay on our small flight deck and just stare up at the stars and sometimes, just sometimes if I got lucky I could watch meteor showers (twice) or watch a satellite(s) traverse from horizon to horizon and catch them coming around a 2nd and 3rd time (several times got that).

I actually got to see dolphins escort us in and out of port, flying fish as we broke the waves, Whales as they would move with us at a distance, and the one that stays the Freshest in my mind even to this day almost 20 years later was a Whale Shark that was at least 60' long and it was right beside us within 30 yards of the ship.  That Whale Shark stayed at our side for over an hour.  Reminded me of a calf whale with its Cow Momma Whale.  Darnedest thing, yet Awe inspiring!

Just a little about the Old Lady of the Sea that I (at times HATED with a Passion, more on those days later) will always remember and Love. 

They say the first one will steal your heart, and She Did!

Understanding........ INSURANCE?!?

Now this one Again was written just a hair over 5 years ago...
It is more Confusing Now than it was then.... THANKS to our Government for jumping in to Fix it...
In My Opinion... and Billing/Cost wise it HAS Gotten WORSE....
If you only Read the Letter I sent My Congressman Just Yesterday ---
This is funny but NOT FUNNY
I No longer Use this Company but the Current Company and Insurance are exactly the same
the lady mentioned was Nice and this was NOT her fault

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 13th 2010

Today was call my oxygen provider company to make payment arrangements day.

Our bill was getting weird and my wife and I couldn't figure it out. So I told her I would call them and see what was going on with the bill and to make arrangements to pay and make Everyone (but our pockets) happy.

The Lady I talked to was a little bit older and was very helpful trying to explain it to me. She and I both got mildly frustrated with the situation - not with each other but the situation and trying to figure out the math.

Now, I am pretty good at math. Not a math wiz or anything like that but having a few hours under my belt for a physics with a minor in mathematics degree, I think I can follow most math.

Who the Hell thought up all these damn formulas for insurance and how much who owes what and what owes who and why that cost this and not that and you can only have one of those otherwise the cost will be 7 times the cost divided by the 31st figure in the 14th dynasty's 3rd reign.........

and if that one doesn't explain it -

Well, sir I truly don't know why the insurance says you owe that much more, remember I work for the oxygen company (which is true and I told her so).  She then goes on to say something like : You think that is bad,  this is the rules as the insurance sets them down before us and we are the ones they are supposed to pay:  You being the Recievee and We  the payer and your patient/our customer the object in question will all interact thusly,  The Recievee will provide services to the patient/our customer and bill them 10 times the going rate at which point we the insurance shall tell you the Recievee that you are over billing us the Payer by 7 times the amount that it should be then we will tell the patient/our customer to pay you 4 times the actual worth of the product for the next 6 months.  Then and only then will we the Payer pay the Recievee whatever the patient/our customer hasn't which will be the total of 80 % of the total after subtracting their 20 % minus the additional fees that were added minus the sum total of over payments by cents Plus the sub-total minus the fraction of the overcharge and by the time it is done We the Payer Will Pay you the Recievee $0.01 while your patient/our customer pays you $2800.00 and our customer will continue to pay us the family coverage total of roughly $500.00 per month with an individual deductible of $1500.00 and $3000.00 for the family. 


So rather than make matters totally Discombobulated with the Nice Old Lady, I said: "Ma'am, thank you for trying to explain it to me but I don't think we have figured it out yet.  I will talk to the wife and we will pay you $---.-- and that should put us all right for now until I can get this straightened out with Insurance."

Her response: "Mr. Wins2007, Thank You that will be fine for now.  And Sir?"  "Yes?" I said.

"Good Luck!"

Why did I do it?

This is the Perfect Follow up for the one I posted just before this a few minutes ago....
Read it and you will agree.

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 8th 2010


why did I do it?
Why did I do it?  

Why Did I Do IT?

 I have no idea what came over me.

I moved a paper clip, that's what started it.

Then a jar (what was I going to use that for?),

followed by a can,

then some papers that were in the way (Done that, and that, oops can't forget that one, keep it, Done that).

I Really don't know why I did it.

A coffee cup from last night,

an old deck of cards,

my Diablo II expansion set CD (I wondered where that was!),

the book about Sun-tzu (I never finished).

I still have no clue as to the whys or the wherefores I did what I did.

My bottle of aspirin,

My Father's Day presents - (you know those music CDs I told you all about),

some loose change, (6 quarters, 3 dimes, 8 nickles, and 17 pennies DAMN I am rich and didn't know it),

old business cards, (I definitely didn't need anymore),

Some day I will figure out why I did it.

move this cable over here,

that cable over there,

this will go there,

that there,

I am getting there just wait and see.

this notepad here,

that one has a magnet so it can go........... there,

my old old dictionary (it is actually older than me) has got to stay,

my golf bag pencil holder stays as well,

Holy Rat Snot in a Jar!!!!

That's Why I DID IT..........

I've got a clean desk!

The Cluttered Desk, What to Do!?!?

This was another fun one and Years later I still run into this Problem far, Far to often...
Will I Ever Learn....???

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
June 26th 2010
Something we all face sooner or later,
That moment in time when we have no choice but to look at everything around us and make a decision of Epic Consequence!

The Cluttered Desk, What to Do!?!?

Sitting at my desk

Jumbled confusion surrounds me

A mess to say the least

A Thick Jungle of junk to say the worst

Should I clean,


Maybe just straighten up a bit?

Where do I start?

What to move first,


I need to think,


WHAT to move First?

Maybe the Pencil holder?

Where should it go?

Maybe the Speakers?

The Paper Clips?

How about that collectors can Double Decker English Bus?

All this thinking is killing me

I Know!!!

I will rest and think about it Tomorrow!


A Last Grand Adventure of Youth

If The Perfect Cup of Coffee! is my "Top Dog", This is the "Icing on the Cake"
This Actually happened in 1988 just before I was to go to Navy Basic Training in Orlando Fl.
You Can't Make this up

Enjoy, Hopefully as Much as I Enjoyed and Remember the Trip with Fond memories of my Youth
(All Pictures were added today)

Writ by me today

Welsh Flag that Flies over Castle mentioned in story

Actual Castle viewed from a little down the coast

Written on Old site
May 28th 2010
This is going to be a bit different so I need to set a few things straight before getting into the story.

1.  I Love Dragons - have since my early teens and I have a bunch of them around my part of the house (roughly a 2'X2'X8" shelf/cabinet) (what do you expect the guy always gets the smallest section when in a house full of "Girls"!!!!!)

2.  When I was younger I drank like a fishy sailor (what am I talking about I was a sailor a few months after this happened)
3.  I Love Castles - the old European fortress Kind - of course the ones you always associate with -- you guessed it --- DRAGONS

4.  This all happened 22 years ago come this Sept. so I may not get everything right and all people can have complete denial rights.  There will only be One other name mentioned in here and He will Have complete denial rights with his folks if they read this. 

5.  And if you haven't figured it out yet this little bit is about A Dragon, A Castle and Drinking.

6.  This was inspired by a gentleman in wales that I spoke with yesterday and brought back memories.  Tip a Pint of Welsh Bitters back for me tonight please.


     It started out in a place called Hessich Olendorf Germany (spelling may be off on the town name) back in 88 (yes for you younger ones that is 1988).  I had just spent the summer with my folks in Germany and was in that no mans land we find ourselves in sometimes in our late teens.  Just Bombed at College and not knowing or having a clue as to what or how I was going to do anything. 

One day out of the blue I got a burr under my saddle and do not remember exactly what triggered it but I went down to the main US base there in Frankfurt and decided to Enlist and of all things in the Navy.  Up to that time in my life I had lived around Army and Air Force and had no clue about the Navy. 

Anyway, when I got back to my folks place up north, I let them know I had enlisted.  Really, still to this day not sure what the reaction was.  Sort of a mix of WTF and Congrats.  During the discussion we had I decided to take the money I had saved and take a vacation (holiday - for my European friends) and visit family friends that are actually family (you know those friends that are not family but once you become true friends they become family). 

Well, I called and set it all up with them, went and got my Euro Pass for the Rails and Commenced my journey. 

Chris Dugdale (who was the oldest in the friend family) met me in London and we had a couple of interesting days in London and I actually stayed in my first Hostel and no it was nothing like those freak movies. 

After a couple of days we boarded the rails and headed for Cricceth in Gwyenned (sp?) Wales.  On the way we stopped at a Family Friend of theirs near Worcester (I think), and had one of the most Fantastic meals, Man this lady could cook and the meat just melted in your mouth.  Then they took us to their local pub so they could "Show off" the American.  No money out of my pocket that night, boy was I toast!!!!

The next day we get on the rails again and go and get several beers, larger, suds whatever you want to call it.  Oh and when I say several I mean Several.  You know those little tables between the seats on trains, can to can to can covering the entire length and width of the table it was nothing but cans.  By the time we got to Cricceth we were goners.

This is where it happens, in Cricceth. 

Cricceth is a quaint little village on the coast of England and has some of the most beautiful scenery around that I can recall.  Not to mention that out on the Point is an OLD CASTLE flying the Welsh flag (white over green with a RED DRAGON overlaying the field).
Ha, you were wondering where the Dragon and Castle were coming in, now how do I work them in? You'll see.

The next day we wander about the village stopping and meeting and being introduced to everyone.  Had a Good day and soon to find out a better and worse night.
Chris and I ran into friends of his and they invited us to join them at one of the local pubs and we had a repeat of the previous night..... again No money out of my Pocket.  While playing billiards (pool for us Americans not educated in the game) and putting down a few pints of bitters, the subject came up that I liked Castles and Dragons.  Well, the discussion got pretty lively about the old tales that the Dragon still lived in that Ole Castle on the point.  An he only came out wot to bugger yanks like me!!!  We all had some good laughs at that and a few more pints and of course a few MORE pints.  By this time I was ready to go show that Ole Dragon what us Yanks was all about.  The bravery of Drink (smirking and remembering). 

Well, it was getting about closing time for the pub and we all went up and bought a couple extras, they all knew him and he was kind to the Yank and let us take them out with us on the honor of not driving.  We did not drive.  But we Ran like hell to the Gates of the Castle!!!!
Actual Castle as viewed from just a bit higher
than where what happens below
 You can figure where the conversation was with us at the gate of the Castle.  I am pretty sure at that time that we all KNEW there was no DRAGON but then again We were all Certain the Dragon was there. 
We got one guy up and over the fence, and then another and then another until I was the only one left on the other side.  Here was my dilemma, I am an American in England about to "Invade a British Castle" to find a Dragon,  what kind of punishment would I face if caught???????
In my state of Drunken Bravery I said to hell with it the Yanks is a coming and was up on top of that fence before you could blink.  The getting down was the problem...... it was a crazy drunken state of 20ft (in reality all of maybe 8ft) but drunk and up there man it was HIGH.  I jumped and about halfway down I knew I was in trouble....  my balance shifted and I landed funny and to catch myself when my feet hit I pushed and boy did I push.  Like a defensive lineman in American football or those guys in a proper Scrum in rugby I Launched myself........ straight into a ROCK WALL.  The Rock Wall WON hands down.

Talk about sobering up a crowd.  In an instant we all knew the Hunt was over, I had a gash in the top of my head and it was bleeding profusely.  We finally got me over the wall and back to Chris' mom and dad's house.  She was up!  Saw the bleeding and was all over us like you know what.  We had it figured out I jumped out of the way of a car because I forgot that the English drive on the other side of the road and I fell and hit my head on a Rock Wall.  See almost all Truth.  Just fudged where and why about the jump.  She patched me up and to this day I still have that scar. 

And even though I never got to see my Dragon that will always be a fond memory of A Last Grand Adventure of Youth.

Maybe, just maybe someday I will be able to take my wife and daughters to the place I hunted Dragons and had a Blast.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee!

Now this one.... I Honestly have several Favorites that I have written

This One Well, again it was one of the first on the Old site, this one has GOT to be my "Top Dog".
I will always think of this One....

Since this was written it has become a Competition between me and my Wife.
Damn, if she doesn't Beat me more often than not.... but I get a few in there for Her from time to time.

When this was written...  I was remembering working for a company (A.R.C. Electric, here in El Paso) and it was at times (much of the time) back breaking, ball busting, hard Honest labor (digging ditches in Rocky Canyons (Mckelligon) ain't easy).  Every single day when I got home, showered and finally sat in my seat to relax and unwind from the day.... This is what I got...

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
May 27th 2010

Added pic today wasn't on old site

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

How does one go about making the perfect cup of Coffee?

Well there are several steps in the process:

1. You must have coffee beans or ground coffee of a flavor you like.

2. You must put these grounds in a filter in the coffee pot. -- Do not forget the filter or you will get a ton of grounds in the coffee --

3. Water - now that should be self explanatory but don't overfill the coffee pot -

4. Turn on the Coffee Pot. 

5.  Flavor to taste when done with a multitude of things:  sugar, milk, flavored creamers, actual cinnamon or vanilla.  Just a few ideas there

Mine is sugar (lots I have a sweet tooth), and milk.

Now here is where it is the Perfect Cup of Coffee
When I worked (note past tense) I would come home and sit down to talk to my wife and kids (if they were still up) to see how the day went for them and magically without ever having to go to the Kitchen to get my Coffee Lo and Behold there was a Cup of Coffee right there by my chair waiting for me.  Fresh Steaming and made just for me.  

Now a days with me being home all the time I do my Best to try and Follow her example: 

Boy, I hope she thinks I make her a Perfect Cup of Coffee?!?!?

The Devouring of a Rees's Peanut Butter Cup

This was one of my first few post on the Old site.
It was Fun to write and get a chuckle from....
The Discussion board it mentions used to be on Google and it was a Forum for Bloggers called the "Coffee Shop"
Sadly, Long Since Gone but Memories of Posts it helped inspire remain
Hope you Enjoy

Writ by me today

This was written on Anything at Anytime
May 26th 2010

Today has been spent making comments in the Discussion board, drinking coffee, reading a few blogs, making a few comments and trying to think about what I would write about today. 

Well, first and foremost I have a couple new followers and have had a few visits to add a new flag or two to my flag counter.  So welcome to the new followers and hopefully I keep you all entertained a little. 

Now, I am going to try something here, something a little different. 

First thing this is not, repeat NOT and advertisement but it they want to pay me for this they can.  LOL

The devouring of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Unwrapping the individual Reese's PBC brings the aroma of a nice chocolate and my taste buds are already starting to buzz. 
Have not even gotten it into my mouth for the first bite and I can already taste the chocolate and peanut butter contrast.  MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm

Taking off that little black wrapper, that is like a mini mini cupcake holder, little bits of chocolate escape or fall off of the Reese's PBC.
Can't let those go to waste have to saviour each one as the chocolate melts in the mouth.  MMMmmmm
Almost like a movie preview but better, better because in a movie preview you get most of the action there and the rest of the movie is filler,  but this is better Oh SO MUCH BETTER because you know that the experience you just had with those little bits of chocolate are just the beginning of tasteful bliss.......MMMMmmmmmmm

OHHHHhhhhhh Now comes the first bite that first true bite into Chocolate Peanut Butter heaven.  The difference between the two as you taste them, experience them exploding flavor all over your mouth.  MmmmMMmmmm

Then the next bite you feel it all again, and Again, and AGAin, and AGAIN!!!!!!!!!   MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!

Its all gone!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know where I am stopping on the way home tomorrow.

My Prize Dragon

This has to be one of the First I get out on "Moving Day"
Read on and Understand...
The best in my Collection and it has Grown since this was written
Pictures New Pics of Him will Eventually end up on Dragons & Such

Writ by me today

This was originally written
Nov. 28th 2010
on Anything at Anytime

Anything at Anytime would like to introduce you to My Prize Dragon - Heartfelt.

Heartfelt has been with me now since just before I left for Bosnia.

J and I had recently gotten engaged and she knew of my "Love" for Dragons.  My Birthday, Christmas, and departure to Bosnia were fast approaching and she wanted to get me something before we (my unit) left for Bosnia.

She could Not have found a better Dragon to get me!

His Coloring is Brilliant and Fantastic to behold.  Purples and Blues that just grab your attention when you notice him.

Like any Dragon, with age comes bumps and bruises.  His just tend to happen as things happen to me.  Odd That! but it is true.

Heartfelt, when he came to me did not have a name.  It took all of two minutes seeing him to Know his name.  If you look at his chest you will notice a row of three light blue colored scales down the center of his chest.  All three have the shape of Hearts.

Taking this Scale shape and the fact that the Woman I was to marry found him and acquired him for my collection...... Well, 1+1 =2 right?  Heartfelt was the only name he could have.

Heartfelt has a unique quality.  No matter where you are in a room his eyes follow you.  He is constantly watching over everything and everyone in the home.  He resides over my entire collection of Dragons.  His size in comparison to some of my other Dragons is small; however, his Stature and Poise is much Greater.

I have come to learn that the 3 hearts in his chest represent my 3 girls (J,D and E).  He wears them as Armor because of the purity of heart they represent.  With them he can and will continue on, no matter the situation and circumstances.

Anyway,  I just wanted to Introduce you all to Heartfelt as I have not done so and as My Birthday and Christmas approach again, I felt it only fitting that a Gift such as he be acknowledged brought forth to Shine.

P.S. Please forgive the Pictures as Heartfelt and Snuggles are in a Conspiracy against Pictures.  They hate cameras and it is hard to get them to stay still for good shots.  At least I was able to get these without TO MUCH Trouble.


This was/is on Anything at Anytime so disregard the followers Numbers as those are OLD and do not apply here but the Guts, Nuts and Bolts of this one are still Valid.
As The Dream applies here at Anything at Anytime.... Again
Because This is my "Niche" and I am going to get back and Jump into this....
I started moving things over when I began this site anew, But Yesterday I posted two:
The "Quill"
A Cool Coincidence and MUCH More

Today I will dub "Moving Day" and will be going thru the Old site and Moving Several over here.
I hope you will take the time to read some and enjoy.
Oh, at this time I will not be correcting "typos", I will save that for another day and casual free time
so bear/bare :) with the minor ones you see/read
but you are welcome to comment about them so I can catch them and correct them later.

Writ by me today

from Anything at Anytime
Written July 9th 2010

Anything at Anytime goes OUT THERE!  Dreams!?!?

You see, I have had this dream.

Over and Over this dream plays around in my head at night.  Nine (9) out of the last thirteen (13) nights I have had this same dream or very similar variations. 
What is so Weird, Odd, or just plain "Nuts" is that the dream(s) revolve around this blog Anything at Anytime (yes, this blog you are reading right now).

Anything at Anytime, is not a major traffic draw blog.  It is a relatively new blog out there in the infinite space of the Internet and a bare fraction of a fractions fraction (if that) knows of its existence.

If you notice, in the column to the right of the body here you will see a "followers" tab that shows 51 followers.  In my opinion for being up and running for about a month and a half that's Pretty Damn Good.  Not great by any means, but a good start! 

Maybe it is wishful thinking, and with all that has happened in my life and our family life it very well could be just that.  A Dream that has latched on to a sub-conscious desire and has gotten stuck on the same track like an old record player needle stuck in a groove. 

OK, enough preamble and baloney! (besides I like my baloney with mayo and mustard on white bread)

The dream as I have said has repeated many times in the last two weeks. 
Basically it rolls around the the issue of followers and visits to the site.  The dream has me waking up to find a flood of comments and new followers.  I never see the numbers but my reaction is totally "WOW!"

Now, this site is not a money generator.  Yes, it does have advertisements and a click or two on occasion would be nice and maybe make a small contribution into the family funds, but the site wasn't started for that. 
I originally got into doing this blog to help my wife with a project for one of her continuing education classes.  I then figured "What the hell, keep it up." and maybe I might eventually get to where my writing becomes good enough to really interest people.

From the looks of it, it is starting to get a few people interested and I like what I am doing. 

But the Dream is still there and has been for two weeks now.  Am I missing something?  Am I overlooking that "Golden Link"?  Why is this Dream being so persistent?

Dreams have Power!  Dreams are what keep us going when things often seem the worst. 
They keep us striving to reach that goal, that one thing that we have always wanted to do, or have, or be!

Some Dreams are static, meaning they stay the same no matter what happens in our life, those dreams we build as a child and keep to our Dieing day; like being a Fireman, Police Officer, (or mine) an Astronaut.
Those we keep with us always and forever even though we reach a point that we know in reality it is not happening. 

Some Dreams change and change frequently.  Dreams like, hoping our child is born with no problems, hoping we provide for our families as we grow older.  They adjust as things change in our lives from day to day.  Where would we be without Dreams?

This Dream of many followers and visits all the time might just be fantasy, but then again it might be myself telling myself that I have found a "Niche" that I fit into and is right for me. 

Maybe, just maybe it is the Dragons tail and I have stumbled upon it and it does not know I am there.  If that is the case so be it.  I will grab that Dragons tail and hold on for Dear Life as I slowly crawl my way up to its back and can ride it through the never ending vastness of the Internet!

Sometimes Dreams can lead us to failure from misinterpretation and Sometimes Dreams can lead to Great and Wondrous things.  I would rather risk the failure in order to achieve the later.

Even if this is a repeating "Pipe Dream", I will still Dream.  Dreaming is for everyone, ALWAYS!

So Dream your Dreams and follow the ones you wish, because they are Your Dreams, not mine, not his, not hers, But YOURS!!!!

Keep Dreaming the Dream!  

Who knows....... it just Might come True!?!

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