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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Letter in the Mail/Post

This is a Work still in progress, there are a few of these "Letters" already on the Old site and they do get LONGER (Much Longer than this one).  If you would like to get a head start reading up to where I have it, go there but know that any comments will not be posted there as I can No longer get into the Google account it is attached to.
They (the Letters) will all end up here but I would like to give a day or two between posting them as they will be a Continuing Series....
If You Do go to the other site and Read them Please Refrain from coming back here and putting "Spoilers" in the comments... a hint or two not a problem but not something to ruin it for other readers. 

This is My First Foray into Telling a Dragon Story and I was getting good responses in the Old Coffee Shop and a few comments.... I am Looking forward to getting back to this work and Bringing Life to what I think is a Unique Pseudo Current Day Dragon Tale...
Hope you all Enjoy
and Remember...
Dragons like their Ego stroked --- aka COMMENTS are GREATLY Appreciated
So be Profuse and Flowery with all you have to say to them....

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 26th 2010

Anything at Anytime, You never know what your going to get.

Yesterday I received a letter from an old friend, Thomas DumBass (pronounced Dumb Bass) Snotbottom.

Good God, I haven't heard from him in, it has to be 20+ years now.  Thomas and I became fast friends when I lived in Europe many years ago.  I had gone to a local Pub (of all places The Green Dragon) for my regular Pint or Two before calling it a night.

Halfway into my first Pint I overheard this young man (Hell, he is my age - young man my ass) talking about Dragons.  Well, I couldn't help myself.  I downed the remainder of my Pint and order two more from the Barkeep.

I took the drinks to the table this guy was at and told him I had overheard him and had a personal fascination with Dragons and asked if I could join him to talk Dragons.

From that moment on we became inseparable when we had free time, always stalking Dragons or chasing down rumors of them.
Many Adventures we had.

Anyway, Did I tell you I got a letter from him yesterday?  Duh, of course I did, that is what started this.  

It is a Fantastic Letter and If He is on to Who or What he thinks then it could change many different aspects of Science as we all know it.  I will let you Read what I got:

     My friend, I know I have neglected our friendship for many years by not writing and returning your letters.  I have gotten all of your letters over time and that is part of why I haven't contacted you.
     You got married, wish I could have been there.  I can only imagine the party afterward.  Then I got the letters telling of the birth of your Daughters, You Lucky Man!  
     For Your Daughters more than anything is why I have not been corresponding.  I know your passion is strong for what we LOVE and I NEVER wanted to tempt you away from your Family. 
     Sorry to hear of your illness.  I Truly am!  That is the Reason I  am writing you and decided to get back in touch.  I will not stand idly by when a True Friend is in Need and cares a burden upon their shoulders.  
     You know that after you left Europe, I continued to search, listen, hunt and read any and all I could about Our Passion, Dragons!  Believe me I read many books and old Tombs and learned of many New Dragons we had not heard of or known of. 
     When I got your last letter of you being sick with the Emphysema, something rang a bell in my head.  I didn't write immediately, I got your letter last Fall, as I plunged myself back into the books and Tombs.  I just knew I had seen or read something!

                         And I Found IT!!

       Dragons of old had a condition that they (the Dragons) called "Short Breath."  from my studies it seems to be very similar to Emphysema, just in Dragons.  
       Now there was No Cure; however, there was a Dragon that was said to have the powers to extend and improve the life noticeably in other Dragons inflicted with this malady.  I still think HE exist, just that HE has been in the "LONG SLEEP" for near 1300 years.  The last scrolls that mentioned him were written in 732 A.D. and all things I have found on or mentioning HIM, place 
Him somewhere in the Eiffel Mountains (not far from where you lived as a child).  
       I have arranged for an expedition to begin a search and we start out tomorrow.  I wanted to let you know your Friends here have not Forsaken You!  
       I will write more as time permits.  Now, I must pack and rest a bit before we leave tomorrow.  

                          Forever Your Dragon Friend and Compatriot,
                                                Thomas DumBass Snotbottom

If it is True - Well, I (No, We as I have now included you all) will have to wait and see what the expedition turns up.

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