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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Devouring of a Rees's Peanut Butter Cup

This was one of my first few post on the Old site.
It was Fun to write and get a chuckle from....
The Discussion board it mentions used to be on Google and it was a Forum for Bloggers called the "Coffee Shop"
Sadly, Long Since Gone but Memories of Posts it helped inspire remain
Hope you Enjoy

Writ by me today

This was written on Anything at Anytime
May 26th 2010

Today has been spent making comments in the Discussion board, drinking coffee, reading a few blogs, making a few comments and trying to think about what I would write about today. 

Well, first and foremost I have a couple new followers and have had a few visits to add a new flag or two to my flag counter.  So welcome to the new followers and hopefully I keep you all entertained a little. 

Now, I am going to try something here, something a little different. 

First thing this is not, repeat NOT and advertisement but it they want to pay me for this they can.  LOL

The devouring of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Unwrapping the individual Reese's PBC brings the aroma of a nice chocolate and my taste buds are already starting to buzz. 
Have not even gotten it into my mouth for the first bite and I can already taste the chocolate and peanut butter contrast.  MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm

Taking off that little black wrapper, that is like a mini mini cupcake holder, little bits of chocolate escape or fall off of the Reese's PBC.
Can't let those go to waste have to saviour each one as the chocolate melts in the mouth.  MMMmmmm
Almost like a movie preview but better, better because in a movie preview you get most of the action there and the rest of the movie is filler,  but this is better Oh SO MUCH BETTER because you know that the experience you just had with those little bits of chocolate are just the beginning of tasteful bliss.......MMMMmmmmmmm

OHHHHhhhhhh Now comes the first bite that first true bite into Chocolate Peanut Butter heaven.  The difference between the two as you taste them, experience them exploding flavor all over your mouth.  MmmmMMmmmm

Then the next bite you feel it all again, and Again, and AGAin, and AGAIN!!!!!!!!!   MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!

Its all gone!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know where I am stopping on the way home tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice, nice description. Ohhh I'm in the far north - Alaska.


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