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I have had a few "False Starts"....  The old blog Anything at Anytime - cant get in so....
bringing a New Fresher Version for all to see.  If you compare the New to the Old -- Very similar but different.  What will the future bring... who knows.... but I have found that is where the adventures begin.

Join me and Maybe we can find a Dragon or two (or three, or......)

Music Whilst You Read

Favorites Old & New alike

Some things here will be links to my old site Anything at Anytime ....
Currently (today July 22nd 2015) Everything is Here and Links take you to THIS sites posting of the stories, However, If you wish to see on the Old Site click the Old Site link below the title.

(I can't get in to accept comments.. so if you want to comment come back here to comment)

Hope you enjoy

a few to get you started:

(See it on the Old Site)
Welsh Flag
(actual Castle in story -- front and from down the coast)


(see it on the Old Site)

Big Cup of Coffee
(See it on the Old Site)
(it is becoming a Series, See what was previously written on the Old Site )
(Old Site Read from bottom page up)
(There be Dragon(s) in this one -- also becoming a Series)

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