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Sunday, May 31, 2015

I could have been Tiger Woods before Tiger....

original on Anything at Anytime -
Thought this is a good one to share from the Old site so....  Here is something to wet your whistle...
Hope you all Enjoy

When I was younger, much, much younger, my parents got me a golf set so that I could learn to play and play with my father out on the golf course when I got bigger and better (basically so he could have a golf partner). 
I tinkered, I tonked, I dinked and of course I donked all over the place with those clubs (at least I did in my own mind ). 

So I set the stage properly here, you must understand that back in the day (yes, I am old enough I can use that phrase without causing myself mental harm) kiddie sets were real clubs with steel shafts and maybe a touch larger head on the club, not the plastic things you see on the shelves.  Come to think of it the very thing that I am about to tell you may have resulted in that change. 

I have been told over the years, from various people that knew me then (my parents and a few others), that I looked like I had the talent to play golf.  Having played it in my adult years I would have to say that had I kept up with it I might have been good. 

We (you and I ) will never know now!

I (as I am sure most of you) have cousins that are a blast to be around and sometimes can just get a tad bit rowdy with when we all get together (even today in our 40s).  We would play tackle football and tackle tag and tackle whatever just to be clobbering each other.  Some of the best tackle whatevers took place at Grandma and Grandpa's house during the Winter in the snow. A story for another day.

This is not one of those occasions.  I apparently always took my golf set with me no matter where we went so that I could hit the balls and imagine myself out on the course playing a round and besting my Dad in whatever tournament we played.  On one of these occasions (trips) I took my clubs and my cousins Jeff and Ricky and their family were there as well. 

So, it ended up that my cousins and myself and my younger brother Donald (Don since he graduated from college, but still Donald to me) were doing our usual beat each other to a pulp rough housing and things got heated. 
(We are talking 30+ years so I will not say with a certainty exactly who or how things got to this point.  If my brother Donald or my cousins Jeff or Ricky would like to put in there 2 cents I will more than willingly post it as it will add to the flavor and the memories of us all.)

Somehow my clubs got involved and my cousin Jeff was chasing us all around like he was going to chop us all up with a sword.  You remember those days, when you played Cowboys and Indians and soldiers or pretended to be your favorite hero?  If not, take a moment and think back really try and remember.  I bet you can find a few times where you did that.
Anyway, back to the recollection.

Jeff is chasing us all around and waving one of my clubs like it is a sword and he caught his brother Ricky with a mighty blow.  A blow that would have slayed one of the Dragons on my Dragon page with not another strike needed!  Everything stopped dead in its tracks as Blood began to show itself on Ricky's head.  You can all imagine what happened next.

Parents being parents, my clubs (Jeff's imaginary swords) quickly found their way to the local dump never to be found again.  Looking back at that incident and knowing my Aunt and Uncle and My Parents, they all called the company(ies) that make those kind of things and demanded for safety's sake that they make play clubs from a collapsible plastic from that time forth.  Apparently it worked because that is all they make like that now.

Well, my clubs were gone.  My dream of slaughtering the competition dashed before I was 10. 

Why cruel world destroy the hopes of future golf by destroying The Dragon (I would have chosen that nick name over The Shark, The Walrus, Tiger (but that is his name), etc...... you get the drift)

I look back at it now and can see myself, The Dragon, walking down the 18th of St. Andrews on the final day in a tie with Chi Chi Rodriguez (and his flourishing sword buckling style with his clubs) for 1st and the British Open Title.  Who would win, the sword wielding long putter of Chi Chi Rodriguez or the Monster Fire Breathing Charge of The Dragon?
We will never know now!

My Clubs were forgotten in a matter of weeks and I soon received a book about Space and Astronauts.

I Know!!!!!!

I Can be the Neil Armstrong of My Daughters' Generation!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

For Those Who Were and Those that Are..... Thank You

Today is Memorial Day ,

A day to Remember those that have and currently do Serve this Great Nation.
For a little bit about How Memorial Day came about click the link.

As a Family that has a History going back to the Signing of the " Declaration of Independence " we have a Rich History but will list only those of the last 75 years or so...

Listed by Age: (Oldest to Youngest)
Roscoe Walton (Great Grandfather) U.S. Army - WWII  (Deceased)

Neal Winfield (Granpa) U.S. Army - POW captured during the Battle of the Bulge (read your History) WWII  European theater  (Deceased)

Bernie Munoz (Wife's Uncle) U.S. Army - Pacific Theater  (Deceased)

Don Landes (Great Uncle) U.S. Navy WWII - later transfer to U.S. Coast Guard  (Deceased)

Cecil Landes (Great Uncle) U.S. Navy - WWII (Deceased)

Frank Mains (Father-in-law) Korea - Silver Star Recipient

Terry Page (Uncle) U.S. Army

Dewey Sutton (Uncle) National Guard/U.S. Army - Vietnam  (Deceased)

Bobby Winfield (Great Cousin) U.S. Army - Vietnam

Danny Neal Winfield (Father/Dad) U.S. Army - Vietnam - Bronze Star Recipient

Bobby Munoz (Wife's Cousin) U.S. Army - Vietnam

Ire Cobb (Son-in-law to Terry Page) U.S. Army

Jeff Newman (Cousin) U.S. Navy - Desert Shield & Storm

Myself - Danny Neal Winfield Jr. (me) U.S. Navy - Desert Shield & Storm -- U.S. Army - Bosnia

Donald (Don) Loren Winfield (Brother) U.S. Coast Guard

Nathan Munoz (Wife's 2nd Cousin) U.S.M.C. - Iraq

Moses Munoz (Wife's 2nd Cousin) U.S.M.C. - Afghanistan

I Proudly Fly this Flag outside my Door!!!
For All of Us and For those that Serve OUR Great Nation Today and in the Future
Thank You - to all those still here and in Memory of those since gone.... Those that shed Blood, Sweat and Tears......  Sleepless nights, Long Watches standing Post......

For Those that "Toe the Line" and Answer the "Call" when OUR Nation Needs... In the Past, Present and Future..... THANK YOU!!!

Pay Grade and Ranks do NOT matter -- THEY Served THAT is ALL that MATTERS!!!

If you are Reading this and Know of a Member of OUR Nations Services you wish Recognized... Please Post their Name and Service in the comments -- Pass this along so others Can Recognize MORE....

On this Day - Take a Moment to Pause and Remember Those that Served and are Currently Serving here at Home and Far Away and in Harms Way...


On Any Day of the Year.... If you see a Veteran or Current Soldier -- Say Thanks for your Service

Who shall follow in their footsteps?

My Wife - My True Muse

original on Anything at Anytime -
(added to title and few small things)

I wrote this awhile back but never posted it and as of this morning things haven't changed from my writing it so I am posting it today.

My Wife woke me with a cup of coffee at 7 am this morning.  Nothing new, nothing special, just because.

One of these days I would like to beat her to the punch.  That isn't going to happen anytime soon as she has a sixth sense.  She has something like a motion detector built in.  The moment I move to sit up or get out of bed she is wide awake.
Her motion detector has an automatic timer too.  If I get out of bed between 11 pm and 3:30 am - nothing, she is still out like a light but make it 3:31 am and "BANG" eyes wide open and alert.

I used to be like that when I was in the service.
Anyway, this is about my wife not me, about her always beating me up in the mornings and what she does with her days.

She has to be either "Wonder Woman" or "Super Girl" in disguise.

I Swear! Think about these things:

  1. She never worries about herself, only others
  2. She has an internal motion detector
  3. an internal alarm clock - she is up and running before the alarm at 4 am every day
  4. She appears to have an endless supply of energy
  5. Her timing is Perfect, when she does something it is always at "Just the right time" Exactly when it is needed.
  6. without being told she knows when one of us needs something, or anything.
  7. (7 and on added for update to AA...A ) She Inspires me to continue to do the best I can simply by being Who She Is.
  8. Her students are "Her" kids.... no Joke - don't mess with "Her" babies.... Mother Lion and Mother Bear don't even burn a candle next to Her Fire...  SHE is a Dragon (and remember I collect them).
  9. She makes Magic with the Finances - even when we are down to pennies She can Make it work.
  10. The List has just gotten longer over the years and I can go on but don't want others to feel that they can't meet the "standard" she has set.
Those are just a few of the many reasons I look at her that way.  I have not seen a "cape" or "lasso", but does she need them?  She would probably laugh and ask "What did she need them for?"

She is everywhere at a moments notice:
with me,
the girls,
her students,
her parents (both hers and the parents of her students),
and yet, I have never heard her say "What about me?".

Now, I have heard "I need a break".  After all of what she does..... I say she has earned it a 100 times over and then some.  With all that she does she could easily go with a title such as "Super Girl" or "Wonder Woman" or any of those other comic book heroines.  
But she doesn't, She chooses Three titles more than any others:
and my Wife.
All of that and I didn't even mention how she handles my being sick all the time.  

I am lucky to have someone like that in my life!

I hope you all have a good day and that your week has gone well
P.S.  more than 2 years later and it all still stands even added to the list but just a bit..... She is All that and SOOOOO Much More --- The LOVE of My Life
She Inspires Much of what I write -- My Best Work Comes from thinking of Her.
I Thank God Every Single Day for putting Her in My Life..... A True Blessing I have Received

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A little History, bit about Me, & What You are Walking into....

Hello and Welcome to Anything at Anytime... Again,

(just finished, it is Long, better have a pot of Coffee ready)

I have spent the better part of this last week working on building this here blog and getting it ready to meet the World.  I think it has taken shape nicely, although the Header was a Royal Pain in the A$$.
Finally got it....
I wanted it one way and had to "settle" for something else but I think the "settle" is actually better than what I had wanted. 

Go Figure?!

This Blog is a Rebirth, or "Again" - as 5 years ago yesterday I posted the Rules, and 5 years ago today I posted my First Post on Anything at Anytime (not one of my better ones there but it was a start). 
If you go back and look around there is a good bit there I will be transferring over here.  Some I already have ready to go, all I have to do is Publish the pages and they will be here with links to the old site so you can see the originals. 
I would Love for any of you that look in here, fiddle around there reading and seeing if there are any things or concepts I started there that you as Readers would like to see here, just let me know and I will see about getting them here or starting a similar track here. 

If you look at both side by side -- there are some Similarities but I think you will notice quite a bit different.  I have tried to clean things up.  Not as Much Junk on the table so to speak.
I still have a Flag counter but that is at the bottom of the page out of the way, a Page counter to see what Numbers you have turned over... Anything at Anytime has had some traffic over the years, as I write this the number of pages there is at  197,450  a good bit considering that the first year had 21,600 page views.... so someone is reading... and it goes up a little every day...
It may take awhile to get those numbers here, but lets have fun and see if we can beat that 5 year Number here... I hope you All will enjoy the ride and adventure with me...?

I am working a lot of different angles/things here on "Again" that are hopefully seeds that will grow and flourish in the future - No, I will not give any Hints at this time but I hope it bears fruit and everyone that visits here has fun, or Thinks, or has a Different Opinion or idea....
Sometimes I might ask you all to go to other blogs or sites to look, read and find things that pertain to a topic or idea, maybe even clues to things to come.... Who Knows, Not I (lol... at least not yet...).

A bit about me,
I am a Father of two Beautiful Fantastic Daughters.
Husband to a Wife that Just melts My Heart with Love at the thought of her. 
I am an Alcoholic that quit drinking within days of our getting married.
I am Pro Legalization for Both Medical and Recreational Marijuana (not just in my state of Texas but Nationally).
Time to put an End to the Second American Prohibition, to many Suffer for the Greed of Others (Incarcerations of minor non-violent violations, Those in Pain and Need Relief, or Control of some medical conditions). 
It is Just Ridiculous, Nuts....

Speaking of Nuts....
I am also Bi-Polar, I have DEEP UGLY Depressions (which in part caused the decline of Anything at Anytime),
I have Manic Highs (not that kind... chuckling -- those are good but not what I was referring to) that can range from Gambling, Risk taking that I would normally not take, thinking things are better than they truly are....   as everything around me falls apart....
There is much, Much more pertaining to that.....
Those that know, who are, have a family member that is, will tell you....
It is Not the easiest thing to live with and...  sometimes the Ones We LOVE pay Dearly because they are the closest to the "Points of Explosion" (a Manic)
or watching the Depression eat us alive....
It does not help that I also suffer from Later Stage Emphysema (check the old blog some good but old links there for info - Emphysema & Journal), which makes it hard to be as active as I wish.

I am Passionate about many things and I do NOT hesitate to let people know. 
I had a Fantastic, Great education from;  Whitesboro High School, Whitesboro TX, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army (Yes, I served in both), El Paso Community College (got my Associates), and of course the best way to Learn..... by LIVING Life, Failures and Successes alike (more Failures than Successes, just makes those Successes that Much More Sweeter for all the trials).

I Read, I READ a LOT.... So when Closed Minded Bone Heads decide to be literal Asses about something I am Passionate about and Know better than the Sanctimonious Crap they Spew, I will call them out.  I will ask for their Proof/Facts/Support and dissect it like a frog from biology class, bit by bit, nerve by nerve....
Then I will present my Position with my Support and ask them to do the same... Some do and Fair Debate ensues and We all learn and maybe come to a common understanding and agreement....
Then there are those that can't stand the "Heat from the Kitchen" and claim uncivil as their defense and block people so they don't have to face a failing in their "Position/Stance".  In cases like that No One is a winner... because No One learned......

If I bring up a Topic that is an ISSUE Topic -- I would LOVE and Desire Open Fair Debate in the comments of that Post(s).  But there are Rules (see Rules & Privacy) PLEASE abide by them, they are there for ALL of Us not just me.
Open Honest Fair Debate leads to Intelligent Action(s) and Decisions...
We as a People NEED that Now more than ever... Let it start here and maybe it just might catch on?

All of that being said...

If you have made it this far and I have not lost you....
I can Promise you Here and Now....
You will find stories (some short, some Long, some in parts building upon each other),
Things I See Good and Bad alike and what and how I feel about them,
Funnies (no... not Bunnies albeit there is one on Anything at Anytime if you look and No I am not providing that link, you have to go LOOK for it),
YES DRAGONS (I LOVES me some Dragons.... lol)
(Pictures and Stories as I can work them in) just look at my header....

The Internet has provided me a "Soap Box."
I whole Heartedly Intend to USE IT....
Some will listen and others will just walk on by...
But as One or Two stop in, others take notice and join in....
Well, Together Things Change...


I Promise to Keep Anything at Anytime.... Again as AD FREE as possible
Currently NO ADs and don't plan on it "Anytime"  (see what I did there... lol) soon...

Now if I get MASSIVE amounts of Traffic say....  10+ THOUSAND visits
(HUGE GIGANTIC Pipe Dream there) per day...
then I MAY consider putting up 1 (One) or 2 (Two) ADs
No more than that.

I hate ADs,  They Ruin Good Sites... So they will NOT be an issue here.

Now as I prepare the post schedule I wonder "How Many will see this and Read the WHOLE thing?"

This Post was like this to let you know what your walking into...

I Plan to "Put it on the Table"...
Be Who and What I am.....
Either accept it,
Enjoy the Good,
Debate the differences,
At times, agree to disagree....

If after what I have and Will write you can't do those things...
Have a Good Life and Carry On....

But if you can accept what I "Put on the Table"....

Please, take a seat and let us Enjoy a "bowl" ( when it is LEGAL ) listen to good Music, and talk Person to Person.

I Thank you for your time
Enjoy Life and Family as LONG as you have them... Every Minute Counts

Danny N. Winfield Jr.

Stories Read (aka - Pages)