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Monday, July 20, 2015

Another Letter From Thomas

The Second Letter in the Series
If you haven't read the first letter
A Letter in the Mail/Post

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
Sept. 15th 2010
Anything at Anytime Readers I/we received another letter from my Friend, Thomas Dumbass Snotbottom.


Sorry it has been awhile since I wrote.  The day after I wrote last we started our travels and got to a place called Prum Germany via the trucks and roads.  If I remember correctly you said you lived there when you were a kid.  Nice small town and it has a very Friendly Barmaid downtown.

Anyway, from there we went a foot and traveled around for a couple of weeks.  We found several places that looked as if they may have been the residence of other smaller Dragons in the past and we found some very interesting things.  When we get a chance I will show you and we can talk about all of it.  So far it is turning out to be an interesting Search.

We did find one Cave system that used to be His!  Oh, Did I tell you in the last letter it was a Male Dragon? or Even mention his Name?  Well, it is a Male Dragon and when he was last written about Men were Calling him "Frozen HELL".  The Cave looks to have been used within the last 50 years.  There are some clues in the things left here that He comes back on a regular basis here and that he also has three other sites we may find him at.

So, as of right now I have not found what we are looking for but will keep you informed as I can.  We are headed now to the Arctic / Greenland region.  Apparently, He isn't going to make this easy for us, but then again We (you and I always loved those challenges).  

Wish me Luck
Hope to see you Soon

Your Dragon Friend and Compatriot

Thomas Dumbass Snotbottom

Well, I told you all that as I heard from him I would let you all know and it looks as if it is going to be one Hell of an Adventure for my Friend (No Pun intended).

If any of you have any ideas on what types of things I should send Thomas in an Adventurer's care package please let me know.  

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