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Monday, July 20, 2015

It Starts with ONE!

Again, this is a post that works as well Now with this blog as it did back when I originally wrote it for the Old site.
The Numbers don't match - but as a quick example: I mention 25-30 visits a day -- Yesterday I posted Several items and Damned if I didn't See 204 page views from 1pm my time to about 9pm.  I can account for 15 of those between myself and my Wife... so that leaves 189 -- and NOT a SINGLE Comment (other than my Wife on The Perfect Cup of Coffee and Rose Dragon).
Someone Had to have had an Opinion?
I can't get better and give You as Readers things you might find interesting if there is no discussion or comments....
So Please Feel Free to let me know what you think... Just Follow the Rules.
Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully Enjoy.

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
Aug. 2nd 2010
No matter what it is, it must have a start.

The start could be a first person to do something.  A thought, an action, a reaction; first there is one and then another and another.  Before you know it, something has begun to take on a life of its own.

Take for example this blog - Anything at Anytime.
Anything at Anytime started on May 23rd 2010 with me.  My lonesome, single self (family: wife and kids don't count).  Talking, chatting, being active with others and a little over two months later and I have 63 Public Followers, plus a few via networked blogs and, the surprising one to me, I have 75 following with feed burner (RSS Feeds).  I know several of those are from the regular and networked followers, but if my figures are right, I have around 110 different followers.  Two Months ago 10 followers would have been big.

One person having an idea, a thought, sharing that thought or idea with others and those others share with others.  Some "bump" into it by accident but the idea or thought sticks, and they share it.  Before you know it, it starts to grow.  Sometimes the idea or thought grows quickly and other times slowly.

Personally, I like it when they have a quick start to jump start it and give it legs, then slowdown to let everything "fill out" and catch up.
Anything at Anytime is taking that route.
Where does it go from here?  Only we can tell.  Yes, WE - I write, you read and then comment to open discussion.  Maybe I put up a Post you really like or are Passionate about.  Make your Comments. Pass it on to People you think would have an interest in it.  Encourage them to comment.

We, You and I, do not know what comments might elicit a response or a moment of learning or reflection.  We could all pick something up out of others experiences.

I know the traffic is here.  I know you all comeback to see what is new and where I have "Gone" with my Posts.  Currently Anything at Anytime sees roughly 25 - 30 visits a day (some days more and some days less).
Comment, let me know some things you would like to see discussed or ideas you want me to try and get discussions going.  The more participation, the more We ALL get out of this.

It ALL starts with One!  IT Grows with MANY!

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