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Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Prize Dragon

This has to be one of the First I get out on "Moving Day"
Read on and Understand...
The best in my Collection and it has Grown since this was written
Pictures New Pics of Him will Eventually end up on Dragons & Such

Writ by me today

This was originally written
Nov. 28th 2010
on Anything at Anytime

Anything at Anytime would like to introduce you to My Prize Dragon - Heartfelt.

Heartfelt has been with me now since just before I left for Bosnia.

J and I had recently gotten engaged and she knew of my "Love" for Dragons.  My Birthday, Christmas, and departure to Bosnia were fast approaching and she wanted to get me something before we (my unit) left for Bosnia.

She could Not have found a better Dragon to get me!

His Coloring is Brilliant and Fantastic to behold.  Purples and Blues that just grab your attention when you notice him.

Like any Dragon, with age comes bumps and bruises.  His just tend to happen as things happen to me.  Odd That! but it is true.

Heartfelt, when he came to me did not have a name.  It took all of two minutes seeing him to Know his name.  If you look at his chest you will notice a row of three light blue colored scales down the center of his chest.  All three have the shape of Hearts.

Taking this Scale shape and the fact that the Woman I was to marry found him and acquired him for my collection...... Well, 1+1 =2 right?  Heartfelt was the only name he could have.

Heartfelt has a unique quality.  No matter where you are in a room his eyes follow you.  He is constantly watching over everything and everyone in the home.  He resides over my entire collection of Dragons.  His size in comparison to some of my other Dragons is small; however, his Stature and Poise is much Greater.

I have come to learn that the 3 hearts in his chest represent my 3 girls (J,D and E).  He wears them as Armor because of the purity of heart they represent.  With them he can and will continue on, no matter the situation and circumstances.

Anyway,  I just wanted to Introduce you all to Heartfelt as I have not done so and as My Birthday and Christmas approach again, I felt it only fitting that a Gift such as he be acknowledged brought forth to Shine.

P.S. Please forgive the Pictures as Heartfelt and Snuggles are in a Conspiracy against Pictures.  They hate cameras and it is hard to get them to stay still for good shots.  At least I was able to get these without TO MUCH Trouble.

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