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I have had a few "False Starts"....  The old blog Anything at Anytime - cant get in so....
bringing a New Fresher Version for all to see.  If you compare the New to the Old -- Very similar but different.  What will the future bring... who knows.... but I have found that is where the adventures begin.

Join me and Maybe we can find a Dragon or two (or three, or......)

Music Whilst You Read

Dragons & Such


Adding them as I find them.
Some are Old Friends and Some will be New...
Check in from time to time....
this page could get LOOOONNNNGGGG
but Enjoy.

This little guy Represents Me and this Blog
so of Course He is on top

The Dragon my Friend the Quiet Riot did for
Anything at Anytime... Again
and let me know about it in the comments below
Thank you
View her blog at:
Dancing on the Other Side of the Rainbow

from Dancing on the Other Side of the Rainbow
she made this just for me on the Old Blog

He is Protecting Two Cans of Rocky Mountain High Iced Tea
from the First Production Run... Saving them for my Daughters
and the First Company I ever owned Stock in (symbol - THCZ)

The Welsh Flag
One of my First Introductions to Dragons when I was a kid
and later, I had an "Adventure"
go "Look" and "Read" to see what I mean

These guys can cause some BIG headaches
if you see them running around
Please send them home

to me this represents Me Holding my Wife
This is also the Picture for Rose Dragon 

Found a New Dragon Lair
Bunches of Dragons visit there
some of these New Dragons come from there
My Heart in my Wife's Hands
This May become a Future Tattoo
that goes with my other two
Awesome Work
that took some time
Background for
Anything at Anytime
(predecessor to this site)
Wife and I both Love the Heart Concept here
and the colors
Did Someone capture a
New Picture of Frozen Hell
(you'll see.... soon)
Be Careful
Some of the Little Dragons
Really LIKE Coffee
I can't keep her away from mine
Another Picture of Frozen Hell
"Look" for "Letters" to Understand

I Never knew Dragons were into Bagpipes
Wonder what my Wife would think if I got myself one or two of these guys?

Would be Nice to see something like this
over the Mountains here in El Paso

Bad thing -- I used to ALWAYS be a Dwarf
when I played Dungeons & Dragons.... lol

Notice what this One is Holding
 If you spot Dragons, Comment here and tell me where they are so I can get them here.


  1. Testing comments here after Today's Launch and adding some New Dragons on the page.
    Showed my Wife and she likes the Heart in the hands and the Purple and White 2 Dragon Heart.... So do I. :)
    Comment on which ones you like.....

    Dragons like to have their egos stroked on occasion

    1. I like the one I just posted on my blog for you. LOL

  2. Hmmmmmm, I suspect you see a dragon flying across the sky of my latest piece. I am working on another one....dragon that is. The thing is, the dragon model is 3D. That means it has joints and muscles to move. I was trying to nudge a wing just a little bit and my tool banged against his head. The thing spun around like something possessed!! I had to start from scratch. Sometimes these models are like working with a possessed puppet. LOL Soon though, I promise.


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