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Monday, May 25, 2015

For Those Who Were and Those that Are..... Thank You

Today is Memorial Day ,

A day to Remember those that have and currently do Serve this Great Nation.
For a little bit about How Memorial Day came about click the link.

As a Family that has a History going back to the Signing of the " Declaration of Independence " we have a Rich History but will list only those of the last 75 years or so...

Listed by Age: (Oldest to Youngest)
Roscoe Walton (Great Grandfather) U.S. Army - WWII  (Deceased)

Neal Winfield (Granpa) U.S. Army - POW captured during the Battle of the Bulge (read your History) WWII  European theater  (Deceased)

Bernie Munoz (Wife's Uncle) U.S. Army - Pacific Theater  (Deceased)

Don Landes (Great Uncle) U.S. Navy WWII - later transfer to U.S. Coast Guard  (Deceased)

Cecil Landes (Great Uncle) U.S. Navy - WWII (Deceased)

Frank Mains (Father-in-law) Korea - Silver Star Recipient

Terry Page (Uncle) U.S. Army

Dewey Sutton (Uncle) National Guard/U.S. Army - Vietnam  (Deceased)

Bobby Winfield (Great Cousin) U.S. Army - Vietnam

Danny Neal Winfield (Father/Dad) U.S. Army - Vietnam - Bronze Star Recipient

Bobby Munoz (Wife's Cousin) U.S. Army - Vietnam

Ire Cobb (Son-in-law to Terry Page) U.S. Army

Jeff Newman (Cousin) U.S. Navy - Desert Shield & Storm

Myself - Danny Neal Winfield Jr. (me) U.S. Navy - Desert Shield & Storm -- U.S. Army - Bosnia

Donald (Don) Loren Winfield (Brother) U.S. Coast Guard

Nathan Munoz (Wife's 2nd Cousin) U.S.M.C. - Iraq

Moses Munoz (Wife's 2nd Cousin) U.S.M.C. - Afghanistan

I Proudly Fly this Flag outside my Door!!!
For All of Us and For those that Serve OUR Great Nation Today and in the Future
Thank You - to all those still here and in Memory of those since gone.... Those that shed Blood, Sweat and Tears......  Sleepless nights, Long Watches standing Post......

For Those that "Toe the Line" and Answer the "Call" when OUR Nation Needs... In the Past, Present and Future..... THANK YOU!!!

Pay Grade and Ranks do NOT matter -- THEY Served THAT is ALL that MATTERS!!!

If you are Reading this and Know of a Member of OUR Nations Services you wish Recognized... Please Post their Name and Service in the comments -- Pass this along so others Can Recognize MORE....

On this Day - Take a Moment to Pause and Remember Those that Served and are Currently Serving here at Home and Far Away and in Harms Way...


On Any Day of the Year.... If you see a Veteran or Current Soldier -- Say Thanks for your Service

Who shall follow in their footsteps?


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  2. Thank you for your service. Also Thanks to all others who have served and are still serving.

  3. Danny-
    Good to see you back on the interwebs. Great tribute! God bless you and yours!


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