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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Perfect Cup of Coffee!

Now this one.... I Honestly have several Favorites that I have written

This One Well, again it was one of the first on the Old site, this one has GOT to be my "Top Dog".
I will always think of this One....

Since this was written it has become a Competition between me and my Wife.
Damn, if she doesn't Beat me more often than not.... but I get a few in there for Her from time to time.

When this was written...  I was remembering working for a company (A.R.C. Electric, here in El Paso) and it was at times (much of the time) back breaking, ball busting, hard Honest labor (digging ditches in Rocky Canyons (Mckelligon) ain't easy).  Every single day when I got home, showered and finally sat in my seat to relax and unwind from the day.... This is what I got...

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
May 27th 2010

Added pic today wasn't on old site

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

How does one go about making the perfect cup of Coffee?

Well there are several steps in the process:

1. You must have coffee beans or ground coffee of a flavor you like.

2. You must put these grounds in a filter in the coffee pot. -- Do not forget the filter or you will get a ton of grounds in the coffee --

3. Water - now that should be self explanatory but don't overfill the coffee pot -

4. Turn on the Coffee Pot. 

5.  Flavor to taste when done with a multitude of things:  sugar, milk, flavored creamers, actual cinnamon or vanilla.  Just a few ideas there

Mine is sugar (lots I have a sweet tooth), and milk.

Now here is where it is the Perfect Cup of Coffee
When I worked (note past tense) I would come home and sit down to talk to my wife and kids (if they were still up) to see how the day went for them and magically without ever having to go to the Kitchen to get my Coffee Lo and Behold there was a Cup of Coffee right there by my chair waiting for me.  Fresh Steaming and made just for me.  

Now a days with me being home all the time I do my Best to try and Follow her example: 

Boy, I hope she thinks I make her a Perfect Cup of Coffee?!?!?

1 comment:

  1. You do have me beat. Everyday after a long day at work I look forward to comming home to a perfect cup of coffee which you have waiting for me by my chair. When I am having a really rough day (and last year I had a lot of those) the perfect cup of coffee and you waiting for me helped me get through the day. So Thank You!!!! You also surprised me with the perfect cup of coffee this summer. I know I make it hard for you to surprise me in the mornings since I am up between 4:30 and 5:00 every morning but the mornings that I felt really sick and couldn't get out of bed you would bring me the perfect cup of coffee in bed. I know you feel that I know how to make you the perfect cup of coffee. (right amount of milk and sugar) but what makes it so perfect is the love and thought that goes with it. Thank you for making the roughest of days bearable and for spoiling me the morning I just couldn't move. YOU MAKE THE PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE! I love you so much and am the luckiest woman on earth to have someone as wonderful as you to love me. Just so you know I do brag about getting home to the perfect cup of coffee and the perfect husband. Who could ask for more after a long hard day.
    Thank you!!!!!


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