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Sunday, July 19, 2015


This was/is on Anything at Anytime so disregard the followers Numbers as those are OLD and do not apply here but the Guts, Nuts and Bolts of this one are still Valid.
As The Dream applies here at Anything at Anytime.... Again
Because This is my "Niche" and I am going to get back and Jump into this....
I started moving things over when I began this site anew, But Yesterday I posted two:
The "Quill"
A Cool Coincidence and MUCH More

Today I will dub "Moving Day" and will be going thru the Old site and Moving Several over here.
I hope you will take the time to read some and enjoy.
Oh, at this time I will not be correcting "typos", I will save that for another day and casual free time
so bear/bare :) with the minor ones you see/read
but you are welcome to comment about them so I can catch them and correct them later.

Writ by me today

from Anything at Anytime
Written July 9th 2010

Anything at Anytime goes OUT THERE!  Dreams!?!?

You see, I have had this dream.

Over and Over this dream plays around in my head at night.  Nine (9) out of the last thirteen (13) nights I have had this same dream or very similar variations. 
What is so Weird, Odd, or just plain "Nuts" is that the dream(s) revolve around this blog Anything at Anytime (yes, this blog you are reading right now).

Anything at Anytime, is not a major traffic draw blog.  It is a relatively new blog out there in the infinite space of the Internet and a bare fraction of a fractions fraction (if that) knows of its existence.

If you notice, in the column to the right of the body here you will see a "followers" tab that shows 51 followers.  In my opinion for being up and running for about a month and a half that's Pretty Damn Good.  Not great by any means, but a good start! 

Maybe it is wishful thinking, and with all that has happened in my life and our family life it very well could be just that.  A Dream that has latched on to a sub-conscious desire and has gotten stuck on the same track like an old record player needle stuck in a groove. 

OK, enough preamble and baloney! (besides I like my baloney with mayo and mustard on white bread)

The dream as I have said has repeated many times in the last two weeks. 
Basically it rolls around the the issue of followers and visits to the site.  The dream has me waking up to find a flood of comments and new followers.  I never see the numbers but my reaction is totally "WOW!"

Now, this site is not a money generator.  Yes, it does have advertisements and a click or two on occasion would be nice and maybe make a small contribution into the family funds, but the site wasn't started for that. 
I originally got into doing this blog to help my wife with a project for one of her continuing education classes.  I then figured "What the hell, keep it up." and maybe I might eventually get to where my writing becomes good enough to really interest people.

From the looks of it, it is starting to get a few people interested and I like what I am doing. 

But the Dream is still there and has been for two weeks now.  Am I missing something?  Am I overlooking that "Golden Link"?  Why is this Dream being so persistent?

Dreams have Power!  Dreams are what keep us going when things often seem the worst. 
They keep us striving to reach that goal, that one thing that we have always wanted to do, or have, or be!

Some Dreams are static, meaning they stay the same no matter what happens in our life, those dreams we build as a child and keep to our Dieing day; like being a Fireman, Police Officer, (or mine) an Astronaut.
Those we keep with us always and forever even though we reach a point that we know in reality it is not happening. 

Some Dreams change and change frequently.  Dreams like, hoping our child is born with no problems, hoping we provide for our families as we grow older.  They adjust as things change in our lives from day to day.  Where would we be without Dreams?

This Dream of many followers and visits all the time might just be fantasy, but then again it might be myself telling myself that I have found a "Niche" that I fit into and is right for me. 

Maybe, just maybe it is the Dragons tail and I have stumbled upon it and it does not know I am there.  If that is the case so be it.  I will grab that Dragons tail and hold on for Dear Life as I slowly crawl my way up to its back and can ride it through the never ending vastness of the Internet!

Sometimes Dreams can lead us to failure from misinterpretation and Sometimes Dreams can lead to Great and Wondrous things.  I would rather risk the failure in order to achieve the later.

Even if this is a repeating "Pipe Dream", I will still Dream.  Dreaming is for everyone, ALWAYS!

So Dream your Dreams and follow the ones you wish, because they are Your Dreams, not mine, not his, not hers, But YOURS!!!!

Keep Dreaming the Dream!  

Who knows....... it just Might come True!?!

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