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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dare to Dream

What can I say about this one that the title doesn't.....
Read on and Think

Writ by me today

Written on Old site
July 23rd 2010

Dare to Dream
Where to start?

at Anytime....... Hummppphhh...?

I guess the place to start would be when we start to dream.  For me it was when I was about eight.  That year for my birthday I received as a gift a book about space and astronauts.

My "Dream" started there and then, to this day I still dream that dream even knowing it no longer exist as a reality for me.  I have dreamt of flying in space and exploring, discovering things and worlds that "Others" could only  dream of. 

I still "Dream" that dream but have moved my reality dream, that dream that could still become reality, to something that fits with the here and the now.  A Dream that has been there but on the back burner of life and wanting that first dream so much more.  Reality tells me today that the first dream is just that now, only a dream that can not be.  The back burner Dream fits so well with my current reality.

The dream that fits today's reality is simple and so much more possible. 
This dream is one that I am doing now, have done for the last two months. 
I have dreamt that I could write.  Write something that people read.  Put to words things that would make people think about who and what we are.  Give them a work that will transport them/you to a place that allows you the freedom from today's burdens, or allows you to look at something from another perspective.

Write a book (or in this case - a blog) that would express multiple desires and dreams.  Do something to show my children that no matter what happens in your life you can keep your dreams alive as long as you keep getting up or give your best effort.  You may need to change course a few times, maybe even turn around completely and backtrack a little, but striving to achieve something, Anything that you have wanted.

Life is not always kind nor is it even easy or fair.  It will give you one thing and take another.  There is always a price. 

Sometimes we are given a choice and with that choice we know that whichever we choose the other is lost forever.  Some will regret those choices, decisions but in reality you should regret them not at all but learn and direct yourself back to the path you feel is right for yourself.

Never regret your past, contemplate over what you have done and choose to do as you are doing or to change the path you are following , but never regret! 

Regret leads to despair!
Despair is Death of Hope!
Despair is Death of the Dream!
Dreams should never Die!!!!

Dreams are Life and as long as You Dream, Life goes on even into Infinity.

So Read on..... Today, Tomorrow, or even the next day, read on and find a Dream.

Read on and Find YOUR DREAM(S)!

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