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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Night the Lights went out in.... El Paso?

I am looking thru all my post and figured I would skip this one for a later day and time, then I read another one I wanted to post but there is an "Allusion" and thus this must be put on today....
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Written on Old Site
June 29th 2010

Last night, while I was here at the computer monitoring the blog for comments and playing in one of my Poker Stars tourneys, a monster Thunderstorm hit coming out of nowhere.  Winds in excess of 60+ mph and sounding like that dreaded "Freight Train" that you don't want to think about. 

Not that we get tornadoes here in El Paso that often, but having spent several years living in tornado country, you Know that sound.  Well, it wasn't!  Just a big bad Thunderstorm with some vicious wind. 

This was about 8 - 8:30 PM that it came through here and so I had Jackie put the TV on one of the local channels so I /We could see if there were any alerts coming out for the area.

We had all been in the living room for about a half hour and it seemed that everything was settling down and it was just going to be a good rain storm, so the girls went to their rooms to get ready for bed and........

BOOM,  a Thunder and lightning strike close to the house and that is it LIGHTS OUT!!!

The girls (all three) were shaken.  Hell, I was even shaken!  That damn thing was Close (I have been next to Bradleys firing their guns with no hearing protection and That made them sound like a whisper).  So, we are all shaken and lights out, I tell the girls to stay where they are and not to move in the dark.  Believe me when I say dark, It was Dark. 

Dark is an understatement, there wasn't even a hint of light from anything.  Off I go into the dark looking for the lighter we use on the stove.  One step, two steps, Damn!!!!! I trip on Snuggles (our dog if you haven't read an earlier story).  Luckily I catch myself with flailing arms in the kitchen doorway.  Good, I am only a couple of steps from the stove and the lighter to get something so that we can see. 

I reach over to the shelf and NOTHING....... I feel around a bit and...... nope Nothing.........  Damn, Damn, and Damn again!!!!!!

OK,  Where is the Damn Lighter!  I ask (if you can call that asking).

Three different voices and a "woof" all at the same time.
"woof" from Snuggles of course.
"I think its on the fridge"
"on the table in the kitchen" and
"maybe on the dinning room table"


One was easy to dismiss can you guess which one? 

Since I am in the kitchen I start to move to the kitchen table because it is closer to where I am and was quickest to check.  Having learned my lesson from the earlier "trip", I slide my feet across the floor slowly so I don't stumble on anything else.  Glad I learned my lesson earlier as I bumped the water and food bowls both one after the other as I move to the table. 

Feeling around on the Table Nothing again. 
Now, moving over to the fridge and feeling around on the fridge Again Nothing.  

So now I have to choose: weave my way through the mine field of the living room to get to the dining room table or head to our bedroom to get some matches on my desk?

Easy choice, I decided on the bedroom and my desk as less to worry about tripping on.  Slowly moving out of the kitchen and stepping through the doorway that leads to our bedroom. 

To LATE.......... I forgot about the step down.........

A bump and a bruise on my knee later I get to the desk and Thank God found the matches!

I strike a match and use the light to guide me back through it all back to the living room.  The match almost burns out on my finger but I shook it out before it could and pull another match to strike so that I can start looking for the candles. 

I strike the match and light it....... and .......  *wink*........ *blink*........ and the Lights Turn back on!

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