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Monday, July 20, 2015

What, Why and Where?

A thought provoking Post
Make you think and consider things you have read

Writ by me today

added today July 19th 2015

Written on Old site
July 30th 2010


Anything at Anytime: ponder that for a moment, think over those three words.
Wonder where I came up with them?
Maybe this might help a little bit and it might give you an Idea why I write Anything at Anytime.

Many sometimes, I wonder where life is taking me, is taking us?

Have you ever wondered why things happen?  Thought about what got us where we are?

I guess that is one of the all time questions: "Why?  What got us here and Where is it taking US (Me)?

I am not going to involve God or a Superior being or anything like that into this discussion although I personally feel God plays a major roll in all things.  This is about What and Why and Wheres of Us.

The What and Whys I think I have figured out.
What got us here, where we are today is us.  The nature in people is to find new things most of which are intended to make life better as a whole.  The persistent desire to explore different and possibly better things.
Sometimes it works against us.  That is how we learn and move on to the next step and find that certain answer that makes it all fit together.  What got us to where we are today is the fact that some people figured out certain things that fulfilled the next logical step.

Somebody got with somebody and said: "Look what I have found/discovered.  Isn't it Great?!?"
The other(s) liked and......... BANG....... it Grows on the world.  More and more people do it, use it, read it or just in general accept it.  A couple Examples you ask?  Of course.
Airplanes - started out as something for fun and experimentation.  Today, we have thousands if not millions traveling daily, great distances that can be measured in minutes and would have taken months if not years.
Cell Phones - upgrade from phones - but a device allowing communication over vast distances in seconds where as a letter of old would take days, weeks and months; if not longer.
Cars - same things apply here distance and time.
Television/cable/satellite - Things that have "improved" life........  Hmmmmmm..... That one is still up for judgement.  Some TV is ok but give me a good book over TV any day of the week.

What got us here was the urge to Explore, to move on in a forward direction.  One step at a time, one in front of the other always going forward.  A few slips and slides when we run into obstructions.  Leaps and bounds when freed of Restraints.

The Why is simple:  It is Our Nature!

We have that urge, the need to see what is beyond the horizon.  What lies beyond the next hill?  We can't help ourselves.  We must go that next step.  Nature - Our inborn Natural instincts are to see what is there.  We can not sit still, and for those that do like to stay where they are..... Well, they just get dragged along.

There are those who do not take action but inspire action.  They are Writers (wish I could say I was one but sadly I am not).  Writers are in a sense catalyst.  They Spark the kindling that initiates the fire.  They are the Flash Point.  Writers give us Ideas and What ifs that get the movers to move.  Anything can happen when Writers put words to paper or screen.  Writers paint a picture of the future with words, We fill it in with color by action.

Where is this all taking US (Me)?

I have not the faintest clue.  I am not a fortune teller at the carnival and can not fathom even an educated guess.  We as a Whole choose what direction.  Our Actions and Inactions will determine that destination.  With where things are today,  My question is this:  What web of paintings will Writers provide us with in order for US to fill with paint?  What things can We do to make it better or take Us to that next step?

We are the answer.
Not I, Not You.

We are!

SOoooo........;  What, Why and Where are We going?

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